Media madness

Baby Cambridge made his first public appearance yesterday, held by both his mother and father outside the hospital before disappearing back inside to re-emerge safely ensconced in a car seat which his father installed in their Range Rover. Dad drove home. Mum sat in the back with the baby. All just like so many other newborn babies, except for the protection officer who sat in the front passenger seat, of course.

The paper I looked at this morning had a full front-overleaf with a photo of the tiny prince, as well as a front page entirely devoted to the event, plus the next six pages fully devoted to stories about the event (including a shot of Niagara Falls turned blue to mark the birth, at least on the Canadian side), as well as another five pages of coverage in the second section. But don’t worry- we aren’t missing out. There will be a special sixteen page collector’s keepsake edition in the Sunday paper this weekend. Baby Cambridge might even have a name by then, although I’m not holding my breath.

I really wasn’t exaggerating about the depth of the press coverage here. In today’s paper there was:

– an article (not a mention in an article, but an ENTIRE article) devoted to discussing what the Duchess of Cambridge was wearing (complete with the name of the designer of the dress and identification of the shoes, which she’s apparently worn many times before), and how it did or did not evoke the dress worn by Princess Diana when she first appeared in public with newborn William

– an article about the Cambridges’ friends and how they have babies/toddlers/children so the new parents will be able to get lots of advice from them (this was a full two-page spread)

– and (my personal favourite) an article on how the Duchess still looked pregnant when she handed the little prince to her husband, and how that was normal, along with quotes from doctors about why most women still look pregnant immediately after birth, plus (another) discussion of the dress she was wearing and how that helped to show her curves, plus praise for the Duchess skewering the idea that women immediately have to look perfect post-partum. The accompanying photo showed the Duchess with the merest hint of a belly. Frankly she looked slimmer than I do after a big dinner.

And this was in The Times! Not a tabloid, The Times!

I might have to stop reading the newspaper for a few weeks.



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2 responses to “Media madness

  1. I am just so relieved I am not her – if there was a pic of me in a dress like that leaving the hospital I would burn it. God bless that woman for putting up with the media.

  2. Em

    This made me laugh. I especially love your description of the last article. Haha!

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