A royal birth

So I think someone here in the UK just had a baby…

I’m so pleased. Pleased and relieved for the parents that all seems to have gone well. Pleased beyond all reason that they were able to get to the hospital without the legions of press outside knowing. Over the moon that they were able to keep the birth of their son a secret for four precious hours before the official announcement was made. In this day and age, it would not have been easy to keep rumours out of the Twitterverse.

I’m not really a monarchist, but I have some special affection for this pair. I sat on my couch and watched their wedding on my laptop in the wee hours of the morning, pregnancy insomnia driving me from my bed. While my soon-to-be born baby wriggled and stretched and pushed, I will admit I freaked out a bit when so much attention focused on her sister, since her name is our girl’s name- the only name we’ve ever agreed on, the name we chose one night in December and never discussed again. Luckily E. was a boy.

The baby wait started as soon as they were married, of course. And I had sympathy for them- that this most important of decisions wasn’t a decision but an obligation, and something that the whole world (or at least the whole world’s press) seemed to be demanding. And I really, truly, felt for her when she had to be hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum and thus had to announce her pregnancy much earlier than originally planned. Because when you take away the pomp and the ceremony and the throne, they were just a mum and a dad-t0-be, and they should have been allowed to keep the news to themselves for a little bit longer.

So I am very very glad that all has ended well, that this most-watched pregnancy has come to a successful conclusion, and that she has given birth to a bonny lad, 8lb, 6oz., which hopefully will silence the endless carping she has faced about her failure to balloon outwards and produce an obliging baby bump for the photographers.

I hope they soaked up every last moment of those first few precious minutes with their son. I hope he is hale and hearty, that she is well, that the daddy is besotted.

I wish them strength in the face of the unbelievable media storm they will face in the coming days, weeks, months, years.


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  1. Nicely put. I am. Also glad they managed to get a little bit of privacy. It may be true that giving birth could fairly be described as her actual job, but I still feel ill imagining anyone recording me in those moments. Horrible.

    It’s interesting that you mention ways she has been criticized in the press. Granted, I stay out of most of that kind of press, but here in the US, everything I have seen has made her the ideal mother-to-be, always in contrast to poor Kim Kardashian, who is derided for being fat and ungrateful and poorly partnered.

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