Well, that didn’t do anything.

At the start of July I took the pro.vera that my GP had given me. I took it for eight days. Four days after I stopped taking the pills, my period turned up.

It’s been long enough since that I now feel it’s safe to say that doing this has had absolutely NO impact on my skin. My face is still basically a war zone, and I’m still terribly self-conscious about it.


I’ve got less than a month before I’ll be starting birth control pills in preparation for a September FET. I’m really hoping those will make a difference for at least the short-term. Long-term, once we are done with trying to add to our family (whatever the result), I’m still struggling to know what to do. All I know is the current state of affairs cannot become my new normal.

Stupid PCOS.


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  1. Sorry. Hopefully the bcp will help.

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