And the results are in…

Or not.

I STILL cannot tell whether E. really has outgrown his dairy intolerance.

I did the milk binge- we had pizza for dinner with extra cheese, and I drank 500 ml of milk and then we had ice cream for dessert.

And then I felt sick.

E.? Had a normal night, was maybe a touch fussier than normal the next day, and seemed a bit uncomfortable the next night, in that he was wriggling around during his feeds like he had bubbles in his gut that weren’t coming out. No weird crying jags in the early evening.

So I ate more ice cream. And this time there was no reaction on the first night or the second. But I still thought he was gassier/fussier than normal during the day. He does this weird panting/fussing thing when crawling that I think is indicative of discomfort.

I am driving Q. mental, because my gut tells me that he is still reacting. Q. thinks it is all in my head and that it is tied up with my own (large) issues surrounding food. And what has thrown a HUGE wrench into this whole process is tooth #8.

That’s right- the day after I had my dairy binge, it became manifestly clear that E. was teething again. And this one is causing a lot of discomfort- we’ve had to break out the ad.vil most days.

E. yesterday morning did that weird panting/fussing thing, so I figured it was from the milk I’d eaten the day before. Then we dosed him with ad.vil (which I don’t think would solve stomach discomforts) and he was fine for the whole day.

So today, when Q. was out at the library, I decided to take the plunge.

I gave E. cheese at lunch.

And (and this is truly driving me crazy), I STILL don’t know if there’s a problem. He skipped his afternoon nap, and was really out of sorts as a result by the end of the day. He had several dirty diapers. But all of this could be teeth as well- we’ve had three days this week where the afternoon nap just would not happen no matter what we did, and E. definitely dirties way more diapers when teeth are coming.

Here is what is not happening:
– there is no blood or mucus in his diapers
– he is not waking up at 5 am and screaming in pain and having to sleep on my chest
– he does not act like it is an enormous challenge for him to dirty a diaper

I think the very fact that Q. can feel that the reaction I think I’m seeing in E. is entirely in my head tells us that things are definitely improving. But I guess I’m just worried that it is all building up and eventually his gut will start ulcerating again. After all- it took more than eight weeks after he was born for the blood to start appearing.

The only way to figure that out, though, is to just keep challenging him.

I’m trying very very hard not to dwell on just how amazing it is to drink milk and eat cheese (and pesto and shortbread) again, just in case this is but a temporary interlude.

The not-knowing is killing me.


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2 responses to “And the results are in…

  1. Mel

    Well drat. What a pain to try and figure out what exactly the result of your experiment is! Hopefully you are just being uber sensitive and Q is right. I really hope you guys are coming out of the intolerance!

  2. Sarah

    Well, it sounds like he’s doing pretty well with it! I hope that’s the end of it and you’re able to transition to milk with no issues!

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