Seven and a half months and all’s well

Things are well here chez Turia. E. is still up twice a night and seems to be trying to move the first feed earlier and earlier- it now seems to be between 11 and 12, and then I see him again somewhere between 4 and 5:30. Am wondering if this means eventually he will push the second feed later, and then drop it, and then move the first feed earlier and then drop it as well, rather than just moving to one feed around 3 and then eventually dropping it. Such are the things I muse on, when I’m not thinking that this child will NEVER sleep through the night.

Our decision not to introduce a bottle made a whole lot of sense back when I thought I’d surely have a baby who was sleeping through the night (or at most up once) by six months. HA!

At least all of his baby friends are up twice as well, so I’m in good (if sleep-deprived) company.

He’s also started waking once or twice early in the evening as well. Sometimes it is the dreaded 45 minutes after he first went to sleep, but often it seems to be at very random times. The second waking is usually our fault- he wakes up if we trundle up to bed at the wrong point in his sleep cycle as the floorboards are insanely loud, and even with the white noise machine that is a lot of sudden noise to try to ignore. He settles very quickly- just needs a pat on the back or one round of pick up/ put down- but hopefully it’s just a passing phase.

I’ve decided that teething results in 30-35 minute naps. We had a week of these- in the middle of the week the fourth tooth appeared, and then yesterday he just went right back to taking hour-plus naps. It is so much easier to cope with weird baby things when you suspect you understand what is causing them.

We are now past the magic four week mark since we started our campaign of label reading, and E. is doing so well. It’s meant that we can have a lot of fun with food. We’ve just now relaxed the whole ‘wait three days between introducing new foods’ because he’s shown no signs of having any problems, and he’s clearly very excited about the concept. Avocado, carrot, sweet potato, broccoli, chicken, pear, eggplant and applesauce have all been tasted and tried, with pear and eggplant coming out as clear favourites from the first bite. We’re doing all finger foods (except for the applesauce, obviously, but with that I hand him a pre-loaded spoon and he’s managing really well). He is very dextrous and careful with his food- he needed a bit of skin left on the pear slices for gripping, but otherwise he’s had no troubles, and is getting the hang of putting a smaller piece back down on his tray and adjusting his grip so he can keep eating it. He’s very close to developing the pincer grasp.

Yesterday morning he was eating pear slices (devouring pear slices is more accurate) and he kept pausing and looking at Q. and I and showing us the pear in his hand and then chatting at us and smiling. He obviously thought it was so tasty, and it was really neat to see him so engaged and happy, even as my heart cracked a little bit at how grown-up he looked.

His tummy has been fine, even with all the new tastes and textures, and it’s obvious from his diapers that he’s starting to actually digest what he’s consuming. All I’m going to say about that is thank goodness we bought a diaper sprayer. And that I miss his pure, breast-fed baby smell already.

But then we get the joy of watching him chomp down on eggplant while making appreciative noises. Parenting is always going to be like this, isn’t it? Excitement and pride at seeing what’s coming, combined with a wistful longing for what you leave behind (except maybe the teenage years…).

I am hoping he is going to refrain from learning to crawl until after the holidays. Trying to baby-proof two sets of grandparents’ houses on the fly will not be fun. Thus far he is being very obliging, but I think he is awfully close.

On Saturday we had some great afternoon light in our bedroom, and I took advantage of it. Pics to follow!


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2 responses to “Seven and a half months and all’s well

  1. Sarah

    Sleeping through the night is defined as any stretch 5 hrs or longer, so it sounds like your little guy IS sleeping through the night :). We got a 5 hr stretch (2 in a row!) the other night and I was thrilled. I didn’t sleep 5 hrs – my body kept waking me up every couple hours anyway…boo! We don’t have trouble getting Isaac to sleep anymore, but after 3 or 4 am is when he has trouble staying asleep for longer than an hour. It’s not fun. As much as I hated him staying up late, at least he slept in before!
    Isaac has just developed the pincer grasp, but with chunks of food just ends up pinching them into smaller pieces rather than picking them up. It’s kinda funny to watch, but he gets a little annoyed. Avocado is especially slippery. Carrot came through his diaper in the same exact form it went in, so we’re going to skip that one for a while until he can digest it easier.

  2. Mel

    I am so glad it is going so well. The 4 week mark was really a good point for us, too. Everything I’ve read (and, oh, have I read SO MUCH in the past 5 months) indicates that waking 45 minutes in to a nap is almost always digestive related. And I think that truly, these MSPI infants just have SENSITIVE guts. I am constantly learning, every day. Have you looked at probiotics at all? This has been my life’s mission this week, to do research on them. I am going to start taking them myself, and read that once a baby is 6 months, you should introduce it direclty in to their diet. You might read up on it, it seems they actually HELP with the intolerant response and really boost the baby’s digestive system.

    Enjoy the quest of solids! Love hearing your updates!!

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