Struggling with solids

Another round of bullet-points while E naps.

  • We’re back to EBF after five days of solids (three of banana, two of blueberries) after E. was just MISERABLE. Gassy, fussy, crying, up frequently at night, refusing to nap. Something was not right with his tummy. I’m hoping it was the banana (which I’ve heard from others can be problematic, but since that was what he chose to start with, I was trying to honour his preferences), because he did get much better once it cleared his system (but the blueberries were still going through). It was just awful. I guess he managed to do too good a job of eating it and it was too much for his tummy. We’ve started him on Bio Gaia, and we might venture into the realm of solids again this weekend. The good news is I’ve gotten over my jealousy about sharing him with food. Partly it’s because he is just SO excited by food, and that makes me smile, and partly it’s because even with only two teeth just coming through on the bottom he’s been able to change the breastfeeding experience so it’s no longer quite as euphoric as I was writing previously. Poor little guy. We went out for lunch at the weekend and he kept trying to grab all the food on our plates. He’s mentally ready. I’m just hoping his gut will be ok.
  • We moved E. to his own room last Saturday. It’s gone pretty well- he was waking up more frequently, but that was solids-related, as things have settled right back down again (and last night we had a stellar 12 hours with only one wakeup at 3 am!). The only problem has been our super dependent cat appears to have decided over the last six months that his nursery is her territory. We had three days of her meowing at the door and then busting it open to go in and sit under the crib and meow before I made Q. install a hook and eye latch (which we will not be using to lock E. in his room, btw). The worst was when she busted in at 12:45 am, started meowing, and then E. woke up while I was chasing her around trying to evict her, so I had to feed him. GAH. Last night she meowed at the door at 10.30 long enough to wake him up, but he put himself back to sleep (hurrah!), and we ignored her and she gave up eventually. Now that I know she can’t actually break in, we’re going to continue to ignore her, and she’ll stop in a few days once she realizes it no longer garners her any attention. I’ve also ordered a white noise machine (the Mar.pac Sleep.mate 980A), but until it arrives we’ve got the fan going full blast, which is helping (we have terrible squeaky floorboards and the first night he was in there we woke him up when we came up to go to bed).
  • E. has started taking longer naps again, especially that first one in the morning. This is wonderful, as it means that I can get a bit of work done while I’ve got him. I haven’t done well with managing to work solidly for the hours that Q. has him every day, but I’m getting back into things slowly and I know things will improve as I get more sleep and build up a head of steam with my reading. Juggling E’s care is mostly working thus far. I think Q. is stressed about fitting in his hours, which I don’t quite understand, because the man has never worked a typical forty-hour week anyway. He’s an academic- he can take the occasional day off, or he can work evenings and weekends. There’s no clear dividing line between work and life. And frankly, he has worked so hard over the last four years in this job to get tenure, that I don’t think it would be a bad thing for this sabbatical year to be a bit more relaxed. I thought he agreed with this, but he’s said a few things that are a touch worrying. We’ll have to see how we go. I’m trying very very hard to let Q. parent how he wants to, and not to boss him around or make too many suggestions. I don’t like that he is still putting E. down for naps by putting him to sleep on his shoulder first- I think we should be consistent about putting him into the crib awake- but he will come to this realization eventually himself when he gets tired of carting E. around, or when he gets frustrated by the fact that I’m now getting some super long naps with E. and he’s not usually getting naps longer than 30 or 40 minutes (which I suspect is because when E. moves into light sleep he wants to know why he’s no longer being cuddled by Daddy). Since I always, always, put E. down at night, consistency at night isn’t an issue. Moving E. into his own room has helped there too- once he’s finished nursing (which I do in our room on our bed), I take him into the nursery and then sit in the rocking chair and sing the same lullabies I use for the nap winddown. It means he’s always at least semi-awake when he goes into the crib, and I then can just walk out the door. I can’t believe it used to take an hour and a half to get him down. Now it’s often thirty minutes- including his bath.
  • E.’s sense of humour is really emerging these days. He still thinks his Daddy is the funniest thing on the planet, and he’s started madly kicking his legs when we’re out walking and he’s in the Ergo in order to make himself bounce. That gets HUGE smiles and giggles. If we can reintroduce solids without causing him to end up in total agony (seriously, he was unrecognizable from his usual self), I would say without hesitation that six months is my favourite age so far.
  • We were at a party the other day for one of his baby friends who is moving, and there was a mum there with her three-month-old. Said baby will not nap during the day, except in a carrier while the mum walks around (can’t be in the house- has to be outside), doesn’t want to be put down, ever, and doesn’t go to sleep until 9.30 or 10 at night. It was like a window into my past. I don’t know if I helped or not by saying that we used to be exactly the same way, and that this phase will pass, but wow- talk about the difference a few months makes. I can remember that I used to pace around my house for hours every day with E. strapped to my chest, but it’s like a dream- fleeting and immaterial. Yet at the time, I know I thought it would never end. And now I’m getting closer and closer with E. to being able to do our winddown, put him in the crib, and walk away. Currently I stay with him with my hands on his shoulder and hip until he settles and starts sucking his thumb with his eyes closed, but I think he’s really close to being able to go to sleep entirely on his own if I get his window right.
  • Q. and I downloaded the final Har.ry Po.tter last weekend- the first movie we’ve watched since E. was born. I won’t say much in case some of you haven’t yet seen it, but there was one scene in particular that I am positive would not have affected me all that much before E. was born. But when we watched it, with our gorgeous little boy sleeping peacefully upstairs? I was reduced to hysterical crying- to the point that I was crying so hard no sound could come out and I could barely get air into my lungs. We are so lucky.
  • I sent out E’s Christmas list last night so that his overseas relatives have time to think about what they want to get the little guy. I am insanely excited about his first Christmas. I think it will be a separate post, but for now let me say that Christmas for me has always been tied up with a lot of family nonsense and negotiations (divorced parents who live near each other), and finally, finally, Q. and I have an excuse to spend Christmas Day in OUR house with OUR little family. I’m so excited to start our traditions. I know E. won’t have the first clue about Christmas this year (and I think we’re only getting him a couple of books since we sense his relatives are going to go a bit overboard), but I get teary just thinking about Christmas morning with him right there- the best present we could have ever received. Christmas 2009 was when I hit bottom on this journey. I never believed then that one day our child (OUR SON!) would be giggling and laughing in our living room. I cannot wait to build our memories.


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3 responses to “Struggling with solids

  1. Sarah

    We’ve had some trouble with solids, too. Isaac just started spitting up (more like throwing up, as it’s a little more violent than regular spit up) an hour or so after eating, so we’re backing off of solids for now. I wasn’t sure he was ready, but was feeling pressure to start (and was hoping it would help with his sleep), so we did. I might just give him another week and then try again slowly….I’m not sure.
    I’ve also started wondering about moving him to the crib again, but he’s only been sleeping well for a week, so I hate to move him and then have things go to shit again. I would love to be able to put him down awake, but we’re just not there yet. I’m still nursing him to sleep, and it works for us for now :). Oh, and naps are awesome for us right now too – he’s getting three a day most of the time and at least one of those is an hour and a half to two hours. Love it!
    I just love 6 months. I can’t get over how much fun it is! And we’re getting close to 7 now, and I’m seeing even more cool new things Isaac can do, so I can only imagine how much more fun the next couple months will be as well :).

  2. Sarah

    Oh, and I wanted to share this article with you:

    I love their advice for introducing solids (further down the page).

  3. Mel

    I started solids with L at 4 months. We did single grain cereals once a day for a few weeks before I introduced any fruits or veggie purees. She did well but became awfully constipated within the first few weeks and I remember having to give her a suppository and us both crying like crazy. But after that, she seemed ok. I always introduced things one at a time and in small bits. I’ll never forgot how she LOVED her oatmeal and smashed bananas SO MUCH.

    With S being MSPI, I am thinking of waiting until 6 months. Babies with food intolerances just have a HARD TIME with food in general. I am sure he’ll come around but you being in the same position as I will probably struggle to find a stride when it comes to what he tolerates best. Maybe try something like rice cereal? Seems like applesauce was always a great hit for L, and it is easy as pie to make.

    I am so glad the sleeping transition is going well. (though your cat sounds like such a stinker!) You are right, going from nursing in a warm snuggly bed to a chair is just AWFUL. I never nursed L in bed (was too afraid) but it something I have come to CHERISH with S. I will never forgot how much I love that time with her. It is so sad banishing them to their own rooms but it does result in peace for both parents and baby and I’m always amazed at how much later they sleep in the mornings.

    I cannot believe your little guy is SIX MONTHS. IT is a huge, fun milestone. I know you are enjoying every moment. It is so sad how fast it goes.

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