Teeth! And other things

Yet another bullet post from Turia. Goodness it is hard to capture coherent and connected thoughts these days!

  • E’s tooth popped through, and we had one normal day before Q. caught sight of its partner.  Unfortunately that tooth is doing an iceberg impression- keeps rising to the surface of the gum and becoming visible and then vanishing again.  Naps are still maxing out at 30 minutes (although at least he is sometimes taking three of them again), and we are having some difficulty with night wakings pre-midnight. Our current strategy is to get Q. to try to get E. to settle, and if he really really won’t settle (we’re talking an hour later), I’ll feed him. Last night he woke up at 11, was back in the crib asleep by 11:20 and then went through until 4:20. Q. doesn’t like not automatically feeding the little guy (says we shouldn’t be doing ‘tough love’ while E. is teething) but I am completely against encouraging an extra night feed, given E. was consistently waking around 2 before the whole teething mess started. Plus, after handling every single night waking for nearly six months, I feel it’s ok for Q. to have a bit of disrupted sleep.
  • E. is finally getting enough hair that it now all sticks up on top and he’s got a tiny mohawk going on (if you look closely, as his hair is still both sparse and fine). It is too cute.
  • E. was a monkey for his first Hallowe’en. Pictures to follow (probably when I do his six month ones). He was too cute for words.
  • E. is SUCH a ham. He came with me to the hospital yesterday for my endocrinologist appointment, and not only did he charm the receptionist and the assistant doctor, but he actually got a couple of smiles out of my horrid endocrinologist. And then when I had to get blood drawn, he flirted with FIVE technicians, including the one who held him for me. Plus he made friends on the subway. And in the cafeteria at the hospital. And in the bathroom where I changed him (including one woman who had been admiring him while we were sitting waiting for it to be my turn to have blood taken). This kid THRIVES on new people and new places. He barely slept all afternoon and was happy as a clam. Clearly I need to start taking him to drop-ins and other activity options, especially as the winter sets in and we’re not going to want to go for long walks. Sitting at home all day with Mummy is apparently BORING, no matter what set of activities I dream up.
  • E. has recently started lunging for things he’s interested in- toys if he’s on the ground, our faces if we’re holding him. He’s very curious about the water in the sink when we wet cloths before changing him. And when he was being held by the technician at the hospital, he suddenly started to get worried- it was as though he realized that if Mummy was right in front of him, he wasn’t being held by Mummy. As soon as I stood up, he reached out with both arms to me and gave me a huge gummy kiss as soon as I picked him up. My heart? MELTED.
  • E. is basically sitting independently now. He needs a spotter in case he lunges too quickly in one direction or the other and can’t recover, but otherwise he can sit there happily picking up toys, bending over and straightening back up again, and watching the world around him.
  • We’re supposed to move him to his own room on Friday, and now Q. is all gung-ho about the move and I’m dragging my feet. I really need to stop bringing him into bed with us if he wakes up at 6 or 6.30, but I just love lying there watching him snuggle in. E. gets more sleep, Q. gets more sleep, and I get a few more minutes of not having to be rushing around. Win/win/win!
  • Best comment from my endocrinologist from this latest appointment? “Well, so much for poly-cystic ovaries!” (said while looking at E.). So then I had to point out that it took THREE years and multiple rounds of IVF to get E.- all of which is clearly printed IN MY CHART. Gah. At least he didn’t make me cry this time.
  • We still haven’t made any move to start solids- happy to wait until E. hits the six months mark.
  • E. is clearly intolerant to the milk/soy protein. I tried putting cheese back in my diet this week, and there was an immediate change in his fussiness and gassiness. We were back to straining and crying when he needed to poo, and now I’m pretty sure his diapers used to be full of mucus, because I’ve finally seen what they look like without any. Yep. Am feeling like a pretty crap mum at the moment- I cannot believe it took us months before we even considered this might be the problem. The good news (I guess) is that his reaction clears up within 48 hours of cutting the problem foods back, and while I don’t like seeing blood in his poo, at least he doesn’t end up screaming for hours. I’m hopeful this means he might grow out of the intolerance, as he isn’t nearly as badly affected as some babies seem to be. In the meantime, I guess I better do some research on dairy/soy free cooking.
  • I can’t wait for E’s appointment next week. I feel like he’s had a huge growth spurt. I had to pack away all of his 3-6 month clothes this week, and he was too big for some 6-12 month stuff as soon as I got it out. Partly this is because he’s just moved up a size in cloth diaper covers, so his bum is bigger than usual. But he is one lanky baby. Pretty much everyone who sees him first comments on how gorgeous he is, and then asks how old he is. Most of them then exclaim about how big/tall he is. I did have one woman on the bus who looked him up and down and then sniffed and said, “Small.”, but she also thought E. was a girl (which no one else has done), so she was clearly out to lunch.
  • My new love is E’s pair of Parade Organic hand-me-down pants. They are SO soft, so comfy, and they fit him so well, even with the cloth diaper bum.
  • I’m starting to put together E’s wish list for Christmas (I know it’s early but people are starting to ask me for ideas). This has made me RIDICULOUSLY excited. For a long time I really hated Christmas as a kid/teenager. My sisters and I have for years had to alternate between my Dad’s house and my Mum’s house for Christmas Day. E. has given Q. and I the excuse to stay in OUR house for Christmas Eve/Day. I can’t wait to start traditions with him. I want to buy him a Christmas ornament every year so that when he leaves home eventually he’ll have lots of decorations for his own tree. I want to buy him new pjs to wear on Christmas Eve, like we always had. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about Christmas, and it’s only just barely November!
  • I love my son. I love him so much. It just hits me sometimes how lucky Q. and I were that the embryo that chose to stick was our E. He makes me smile every single day. (And of course, now that I’m about to start working on the dissertation again, there is a huge part of me that doesn’t want to leave him, even though he’ll be with Q., and I’ll be a better Mum when he’s not my sole focus.)

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  1. Sarah

    6 months is just so much fun :). I didn’t think anything could be better than 4 months, but man, this age is a blast!

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