What’s been happening at chez Turia (in point form since I figure I have maybe 15 minutes before E. wakes up)

– E. rolled over! Tummy to back, three times in a row! I think he can only do it naked as otherwise his giant cloth butt gets in the way. And here I was thinking I was so clever figuring out that if he was naked during tummy time he didn’t cry as quickly…

– E. took a nap in his crib that was an HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES long. He has not done that since he was four weeks old. He hasn’t repeated it, of course, and I’ve got no idea what aligned to make that work. I know I got him down before he was overtired, and he went into the crib awake, but we do achieve that on a semi-regular basis and he still wakes up at forty-five minutes to the minute. But still- it gives me hope he might one day nap for longer stretches.

– I actually prefer E. to have two night wakings, as it means I can go back to sleep after both of them. If he sleeps through until three or four, I seem to be up for the day, as long as I got five or six hours in a row. The late afternoon stretch is nightmarish if I’ve been up since 3 am.

– I stupidly started eating rolled oats and yoghurt as a snack a week or so ago. I had to stop after three days because I’d upped my supply so much that E. was choking and screaming with every feed and ending up with huge gas pains. Whoops. I knew oatmeal affected your supply, but I seriously didn’t think it could make that much of a difference. Thankfully things have settled back down again.

– I had a birthday recently and Q. gave me a certificate for fourteen days free of E. wrangling…and then he started a home reno project that means I can’t claim them until he’s finished (in his defence it was a project that really needed doing, and once started has to be finished). Le sigh.

Damn. E. just sneezed and woke himself up. More hopefully later.

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  1. Congrats little E for such a great crib nap. I’m starting to learn just how precious that achievement is.

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