Internal debates (and one chunky baby!)

Thanks for all the assvice on sleep- it’s muchly appreciated. I’m just super confused.  I have a total split personality when it comes to parenting. Here are the two conversations I have in my head basically EVERY day.

First one (normally after a good night, and earlier in the day):
Why are you complaining that E. only wants to nap if he’s being held? Look how tiny he is! In a few months he’s going to be SO busy and active, and soon he won’t even WANT you to cuddle him. You should take every moment you can to cuddle your baby! What if this is your ONLY chance to have a little one? Do you want to have spent these weeks stressing about his sleep?

Second one (normally after a bad night, late in the day, or if E. has consistently been only napping for one sleep cycle (45 min) at a time):
You have GOT to get this baby napping in his crib! He’s not sleeping all that well on you- he’s only catnapping. And if you stop moving, he wakes up! You can’t get anything done around the house. You can’t lie down yourself! Yes, he’s still little and
sorting out the world, but this is becoming a habit and it will be harder and
harder to break. You should just suck it up, accept you’ll have a few rough
days, and aim for at least ONE nap in the crib.

I go back and forth, back and forth, ALL DAY LONG. I’m not going to change anything for a week or so, because I know we’re due for a growth spurt, but I think maybe by the middle of next week I’ll have to suck it up and start aiming for one nap in the crib. Because this just isn’t a long term, functional strategy, and he’s not napping super well on us, as he wakes up as soon as one sleep cycle is done.


That said, we’re doing well at night once we get him down. Three nights ago he went from 9 (asleep at 9.30) to 2.30, and then through until 6. The last two nights it’s been 9 to 2, and then a feed at 5, and then up at 6:15. So I think he is thinking about stretching to 6 after the feed at 2, but just isn’t quite ready to get there. And he goes back to sleep on his own at night, so the feedings are pretty efficient. I’m getting six hours consistently, and usually close to four in a row in that first block, which is helping a lot.


We had our final appointment with our midwives yesterday. I’m so sad to leave their care, but I’m excited to meet our pediatrician in a couple of weeks. E. now weighs 11 lb, 8 oz! He is 59 cm long (was 52 at birth) and has a head circumference of 40 cm (36 at birth). He is such a thriving, happy baby (which is another reason why I question whether or not I really want to change what I’m doing).

I am trying to figure out how to do password-protected posts on here, because I really really really want to show you some of his recent pictures, but don’t want them available to everyone. I’ll keep you posted!

Finally heard back from my GP- my TSH is 0.05 (supposed to be between 1 and 2). So yes, I think that helps explain my edgy, manic feelings. SO glad I pushed to have it looked at! I don’t see my endocrinologist until August- that would have been just too long. So we’re trying .112 3x a week and .1 4x, and we’ll recheck in six to eight weeks.



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5 responses to “Internal debates (and one chunky baby!)

  1. wait, babies nap for longer than 45 minutes? i don’t think that memo got through over here. i should so not be giving you sleep advice; sounds like e’s doing better than the bean is.

  2. Oh hon, how I understand the back and forth. It’s possible he’s not sleeping very well ON you because of the movement. O was a notoriously slight napper – any sound would wake him up.

    For crib sleeping… (warning, assvice!!) – have you tried the max combination of white noise + swaddling + pacifier (and/or letting him suck your finger or nurse to help him GO to sleep? It relaxes tiny babies enough to help them drift off)? That’s what we had to do to get one good nap out of him, at least those first few months. When he was about 6 months old he was able to nap in his crib every time, without issue.

    I know you don’t have a lot of time to read these days, but I do really highly recommend “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” Seriously, the book is a quick read and gives you a LOT of good tips about sleeping and other stuff in the first three months. Highly recommend it. 🙂

  3. Sarah

    That sounds like our nighttimes (except for a couple nights here and there) for the last couple of weeks! Isaac is sleeping from around 9 to 2, then again until 6 or 7, for the most part. Of course, last night he slept from 9:20 to 3:50! And from 4:50 until 8 am! I love nights like that :). This was after a day with two two-hour naps (and one 30 min) – a first since the week we brought him home. It certainly makes the hard nights easier when you aren’t so short on sleep.
    I think if they are provided the right environment, babies will sleep as much as they need. As long as they are warm and dry with full bellies and aren’t being overstimulated, they’ll get the sleep they need somehow. At least that’s how I am looking at it right now, because what I do doesn’t seem to affect things too much in one direction or another – it seems totally random.
    Hope your new dose of thyroid meds helps out!
    Oh, and to password-protect posts, just go to edit post and change the “visibility” to the right. Can’t wait to see pics!!

  4. Sarah

    Oh, we do use the sleep sheep for white noise when we put Isaac down to sleep for naps. We don’t use it at night, only because we have a window unit in our bedroom that provides plenty of white noise. White noise is definitely a must in our older house with all our creaky floors and noisy pets.

  5. Mel

    If you haven’t found swaddle-me’s or some sort of perfect swaddling method, I def recommend it. That was my sleep saver, I totally forgot to mention it in my email to you. I had to buy the kind that have strong velcro on top, because she broke through any blanket I attempted to swaddle myself. The sleep sheep was also a huge hit for us! I also found that she would fall asleep with a good SHHHHHH’ing and a super sway. I believe those are Happiest Baby on the Block tactics that someone else above referenced. I remember having to do this at the “first” bedtime often in the first 2 months. I was a real mish mash of baby books… I combined the methods of Happiest, Whisperer and BabyWise.

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