When the wheels come off… (with bonus nursery pics)

Well, week 2 in the Turia household was a bit more eventful, in that I think my baby bliss hormones finally packed up and left and I ended up a) massively sleep deprived and incapable of sleeping during the day and b) overwhelmed by everything as a result, especially afternoon visitors which would disrupt any sense of routine we were trying to develop with E. and c) crying fairly frequently in said afternoons after visitors left.

So it was perfect timing on our part that my Mum arrived on Sunday and will be here for this week- it gives me someone else to pass E. to when Q. is trying to cook/clean/work, and it is keeping me from just sticking him on the breast every time he is remotely fussy- I’m learning from my Mum, who is a master burper, that a lot of the time the issue seems to be gas, and adding more undigested milk is not super helpful. And yesterday I finally got a bit of sleep during the day (it took three hours and a couple of feeding breaks to get there, but hopefully this will be the start of a better pattern).

It seems ridiculous, given that E. is by all accounts a very good and easy baby, but I just felt like my world was ending. I think Q. felt a bit stressed and helpless at the whole thing, because there wasn’t much he could do to fix it. I’m already sleeping as much as possible at night, and E. is giving us a couple good stretches, so most nights I get about six hours and some nights I get seven, but clearly while it was enough to keep me from going totally bonkers it wasn’t enough to keep me on an even keel.

So I’m very very glad to have my Mum here for the week, and we’ll be three weeks in once she leaves. And as I keep telling myself, and Q., the first six weeks are meant to be the hardest.

I was worried about post-partum depression, but I don’t think that’s an issue. I always feel great in the mornings- it’s just the late afternoon where I start to drag and find things harder to cope with (which nearly always coincides with when E. wants to feed more frequently and then starts to get gassy).

We had our two-week checkup today. On day 5 he weighed 7 lb, 9 oz. Today (day 16) he weighed 8 lb, 12 oz, so he has gained 19 oz in 11 days! The midwife was really happy with this and told us to just keep doing what we’re doing, and not to worry any more about waking him to feed. Now we can let him eat and sleep how he wants.

I got lazy with latching over the last couple of days and I can really feel the increase in soreness as a result, so I need to be more proactive about making sure E. doesn’t tuck in his lower lip.

We did start E. in his cloth diapers but we’ve been waylaid by a nasty diaper rash. I don’t think it’s from the cloth- it erupted when he had a couple of days where he pooed literally 15 times a day, so I think it was just a result of all that wiping and pooing. Hopefully it will clear up soon so we can go back to cloth (we’re using a barrier cream that isn’t cloth safe).

And, finally, I’ve got some nursery pics. Better late than never!

His bookcase, already nearly full with toys and books bought by his many admirers (seriously, Q. and I only bought the kangaroo).

His super-organized closet, shelves by Q. (which was a real challenge as the closet didn’t have a straight line anywhere!)

His super-organized change table. Fitteds, prefolds and wipes on the top shelf. Receiving blankets, onesies/sleepers and covers on the bottom shelf.

This is the wall where his crib will go when we transition him into the nursery. This is the best picture for showing the wall colour.

The rocking chair was a gift from a friend who received it from his family when his first daughter was born. The giraffe on the wall was made for E. by a good friend who is a very talented artist.

So, in summary, the transition did hit me in the end, and it hit hard, but I think we’re adjusting, and E. continues to thrive. Q. and I just love him to bits. Our midwife figures he might start smiling in a week or so, which I am so excited about!



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7 responses to “When the wheels come off… (with bonus nursery pics)

  1. Sarah

    Afternoons and evenings are hard for me too! Luckily, my Hubby comes home right when I’m needing a break the most :).
    I’m dying to start cloth diapering – we had to hold off until we got back into town and got adjusted to life with baby, but I think we’re ready now. Just gotta invest the $$ now and actually order them…
    Glad your mom is coming to help out! It is definitely nice having some around (especially a grandparent) to hand baby off to so you can go pee :).

  2. Lesley

    Sounds totally normal, at least in comparison to what I experienced each time I brought babies home from the hospital. Its like the first week or two I still had sleep stored up from before the birth, but after two weeks that was gone and I was just so TIRED. Couldn’t catch up. Then add the stress of learning how to care for a new baby, and WHOA… crying is the natural result, right?!

    Anyway, the nursery looks lovely and I am just SO happy for you and Q to be home with your sweet bundle, after all you’ve done to meet him! Big hugs!

  3. Mel

    For me the sleep deprivation was just something I couldn’t manage. I don’t do well on broken sleep as it is and even though my baby was an awesome, relatively easy newborn? It didn’t matter one lick. Functioning on a combo of super hormones and no sleep made me a mess. The fog did eventually lift, though. And I am SO GLAD your midwives told you to just let him sleep through the night. No one ever told us that and we woke her up every 4 hours until she was easily a month old. SO STUPID looking back, but we honestly didn’t know any better. And when she would go through spurts of cluster feeding, I felt like I was just going to lose my cool. The one and ONLY downside to nursing is that your spouse cannot help and you do have to be the one on demand for all feedings. BUT. It is worth it. And once things start to balance out (and they will, I promise) you’ll be so glad you stuck it all out like you did.

    So glad you have a mom who is willing to stay and help for so long. I would have given anything for that. My husband had to go back to work almost immediately so I was on my own, post c-section, and had to hit the ground running. Its a whole new life! But what an awesome one it is.

    Love the nursery pics!

  4. So glad your mom is there to help.

    Your nursery is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Everything you’ve said is totally normal so I’m glad you’ve got help! Even at 15 months the worst part of the day is the afternoon. Hang in there — this is the hardest part, when you’re sleep deprived. It can do crazy things to a person!

    PS if you haven’t already tried Triple Paste, that is the best diaper cream by far. A couple of times Henry has had bad diaper rash that the over the counter stuff couldn’t touch so the pedi gave us a script for Nystatin which cleared it up in like half a day. Just FYI.

  6. I’m late on replying to this but I’m going to add that the late afternoons were the worst for me. Many times J would show up from work and O and I were napping in front of the Food Network channel. Happened a lot, actually.

    O was up every 2 hours at one point, and I remember finally giving in and having J do the early morning feed with milk I pumped the night before so I could sleep in. Having 4-6 hours of sleep was absolutely glorious – if you can manage something like that, I’d say go for it.

    The sleep thing is rough. It’s like acute sleep deprivation. You’ll get to a point, though, where it’s less acute, and you have energy back. For me, though, it was just getting used to that low-grade sleep deprivation. My sleep now is VERY different than it was before.

    But it DOES get better.


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