Still having a perfect pregnancy

How far along? Thirty-eight weeks. My goodness we are getting close!

Sleep: Slept through the night a couple of times. Woke up to use the loo once a couple of times. Woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep a couple of times, the worst one being when I woke up at 4 the morning of my German translation exam (which I still managed to pass despite my bleariness. I was a mess by that evening). Pretty much as it has been. 

How am I feeling physically? Still generally good. The ankles are definitely having problems now, and I pretty much bid them adieu as soon as I put socks on. I’m not that speedy anymore.

Some signs that things are starting to get moving: I’m getting loads more Braxton-Hicks and they are starting to be much stronger. Not painful, but noticeable. Get some cramps from time to time, especially first thing in the morning. Bump has dropped down and fixed his/her head in my pelvis (midwife rated him/her at 3/5 at the home visit this morning), so I get a fair amount of bouncing/scraping on my cervix. Bump is also thinking about shifting from my left side to the middle of my uterus, although s/he hasn’t commited to this yet.

The rest of the visit today went really well. BP was 100/68 and I have “the pulse of a marathoner”. Bump’s heartbeat was 152. Fundal height has levelled off at 35 cm, but she wasn’t concerned because bump has dropped since last week’s appointment. She did say that she doesn’t think I’m having a giant baby (of course I want to use this as an excuse to run out and buy newborn covers and prefolds, but I am strongly resisting this urge- there will be time to get them once bump is on the outside). Also said she didn’t think I’d be seeing my due date (eek! We really need bump to stay inside for another week as we can’t get the carpet in our basement before next Friday).

How am I feeling emotionally? Excited that things are starting to get close. Frustrated that Q. is suddenly having to deal with a ridiculous administrative matter that could get quite messy right at this critical point. Nervous that bump might come any day- really would like another week!

What have I done this week to get ready? We put up the shelves in the closet in the nursery (which was quite the experience as the closet did not have a single straight line in it ANYWHERE), so I was able to clear a whole lot of stuff off the change table and put it away. I bought some post-partum supplies- still need some cheap undies and one cheap nursing bra, so will try to get to that this weekend. We’re also hitting up IK.EA this weekend, so that will sort out my remaining storage needs. Our crib mattress still isn’t here, which is troubling me, but we have a friend who can lend us an emergency Moses basket if necessary. I’ve started running through my to-do list of house stuff- getting all the finances in order, etc. The renos are SO close to being finished. Q. has done a great job on the basement- it’s unrecognizable.

Best moment? Again, it’s been a good week overall. This isn’t baby related, but we had a friend over for dinner last night whom I haven’t seen in seven years, so it was wonderful to get caught up. I love it when you can just start gabbing like no time has passed.

Movement? As I said above, bump is thinking about shifting to the middle, but isn’t committed. Still getting lots of pushes and wiggles and the inevitable hiccups.

What I miss? Blue sky. What a ridiculous ‘spring’. We better have the best May flowers in history. I only just managed to take in my friend’s painting to get the glass replaced yesterday- two weeks after she mailed it- because of all the rain.

What I’m looking forward to? Having everything tied up at the uni, which should be the case as of this afternoon. Having all the renos completed and the house back to normal. And then hopefully some time to spend with Q. before bump appears!

Milestones? 14 days until my due date… but how many until bump is here?



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3 responses to “Still having a perfect pregnancy

  1. Mel

    Well, for what it’s worth, I never got any braxton-hicks and my girl NEVER even came close to my cervix with my last pregnancy, so those things all sound look GOOD INDICATORS that you will be having a baby soon to me! I am rooting for you to go in to labor soon!!! Those last 2 weeks were a real drag to me. I hope you can do nothing but put your feet up and RELAX. (Otherwise, you’ll be living day to day with monstrous cankles–UGH)

    I am so excited for you. You are really about to hit the ground running and life shall forever change in the best possible way.

  2. I’m checking this almost everyday to see if your Little has arrived….oooooh, can’t wait!! 🙂
    Try not to be around when the carpet is getting installed – when we had our basement finished, I read that carpet glue is not that great for pregnant ladies to be smelling! 🙂
    Sending hugs,

  3. Sarah

    38 weeks! Your little one could really come ANY DAY!!! Awesome 🙂

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