We made it.

How far along? Thirty-seven weeks. Full term- woo hoo!

Sleep: Had two nights this week where I slept all the way through, which was insane. Of course that meant last night I woke up at 3 and remained awake (stewing over a school thing that had happened that day) until well past 5. I think I then dozed off again, but I’m definitely not at my best today. I’m still waking up at some point most nights to kick out the extra pillows, so my body still can’t decide how to get comfortable. 

How am I feeling physically? Generally still pretty good. I had some wicked heartburn one day (I think caused by french fries), and I’m getting a feeling of pulled muscles down in my hip flexor area when walking, especially if I start moving too quickly. I think that’s the relaxin at work. I had a dentist appointment this week and ended up having to have the hygenist work while I was on my side, as during the initial exam I realized very quickly that if I stayed on my back with my head lower than my heart I was going to either pass out or vomit, or possibly both. I tried to help Q. clear some things out of the basement (the renos continue) the other day, and got exhausted after four or five trips up the stairs. I keep hitting things (frying pan handles, doors, etc.) with the belly, as I clearly have no sense of spatial awareness and how much room I’m now taking up. So little things like that remind me that I need to watch my activity. But in general, I still feel fantastic.

How am I feeling emotionally? Good. I have a lot of school stuff on my plate this week and early next week, so I’m concentrating on that. The vast vast majority of the baby stuff is now organized to a point that I can live with it, even if it isn’t how I want things to be. Once Q. puts up the shelving in the closet that will help, and then I need one trip to I.KEA to get more of the storage boxes we’re using, and I’ll be sorted. I’m still happy being pregnant, but I am getting very curious to meet our baby.

What have I done this week to get ready? We finished our childbirth classes. The last class was about babies and was SO useful. I wish we had spent more time on that and less on labour preparation. We had our hospital tour. It is a gleaming brand-new facility, so it was very impressive. Hopefully we’ll be spending very little time there, but it is nice to know all the options available if things change. There is one room set up for a waterbirth which they call the ‘midwife room’. It is quite funny- they are obviously still figuring out how best to share their space with the midwives who have hospital privileges there, and although it is quite a progressive hospital, there is still a sense that the midwives do crazy things. I washed more baby stuff on the weekend. The only thing I have left to do at the moment is strip the diapers my friend sent me, but I’m refusing to do that until I have the storage organized and I can put them away properly. I bought two more crib sheets and a couple more 0-3 sleepers, and ordered the last couple of bits and pieces we needed online. The only thing left to buy are our prefolds, and I’m holding off until we figure out whether or not Q.’s mum has bought them already.

Best moment? An addition to last week- I then got ANOTHER package that same day from friends who live out west. She is a very talented artist and she’d sent the baby a giraffe she’d made from pastels. Unfortunately the glass didn’t survive the mail, so I need to take it in to a frame store to get it fixed, but it is GORGEOUS and so special.

This week nothing in particular stands out. It’s been a good week overall.

Movement? The usual story. Wiggles and pushes. Not many kicks, although s/he is starting to press more frequently on my cervix. Still complains if I am late with providing food. But generally it is such a chilled baby.

What I miss? Running. At the end of the month my sister is running the 10k that Q. and I ran last year, and I am SO jealous.

What I’m looking forward to? Getting the home renos done. Q. is really close now- the nursery is done except for the shelving in the closet, the study is done, and it’s just the main part of the basement that needs to be finished. Then we’ll have to sort out carpet, but that’s it. I hate having chaos in the home, so I’m really looking forward to getting everything organized and tucked away. Ideally we should be totally finished by the start of May. So bub needs to keep cooking!

Milestones? Full term. How awesome is that?!



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4 responses to “We made it.

  1. Mel

    I miss running like CRAZY. Especially with the spring weather we’ve got going on down here. Talk about withdrawls. I am jealous you are going to beat me back to it.

    I AM SO GLAD you are here at full term. I knew you could make it and you have done it all so gracefully and with more peace and patience then I bet you EVER could have imagined, eh?

    Keep baking that baby and post nursery pics soon. Dying to see!

  2. Lesley

    I am so thrilled for you! Your pregnancy has seemed to zip along for me (heh heh- I bet you wouldn’t say the same!) and I can’t believe you’re just about to meet your babe. So exciting, T! I am checking in on you all the time.

    Sorry this is the first comment I’ve left in so long- I have been a terrible blogger lately… 😀

    Keep the updates coming!!

  3. Congratulations on passing that full term milestone! You have the most amazing adventure ahead of you. Enjoy every minute of these last weeks of pregnancy!

  4. Ooooooh…you’re getting close now!! 🙂 Please keep updating us…can’t wait until your Little is here!! xoxo

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