Keep the assvice coming! (plus a belly pic)

I am loving all the comments and the feedback- it is super useful, and not too contradictory, which is SO helpful. Thank you all!

I will be going out to get a couple more crib sheets and a couple more sleepers before bub arrives, but it looks like you all think I can hold off on more clothes shopping until we see how big bub is. Perfect. I have been SO restrained with shopping (I have bought a total of two onesies for the baby- both as presents for Q.), so I think my head might explode if I don’t get to go and coo over some sleepers.

Can receiving blankets double as burp cloths if they are folded a couple of times, or should I really be getting actual burp cloths? Many of you are swearing by the burp cloths, and I’ve  been assuming my receiving blankets would work ok.

A couple of you asked about mattress covers. I’m about to order two of these vinyl-free pads. I ordered three of their vinyl-free change pads and I was waiting to see what they were like- and they are awesome! Super light and no off-gassing at all. I think I might get a couple more of the change pads too, as we want one for the diaper bag, one for the diaper station in the living room, and one for the change table…and that means we don’t have any spares. 

With diapers, I’m planning on buying one box of newborns and one of size 1s, and then using them until the cord stump falls off and the meconium is through the baby’s system. Then we’ll move to cloth (and I’m happy to wax lovingly about my new stash if anyone is curious).

What about nursing bras? When do I go and get measured for them? I know I should have at least one on hand pre-baby, but I’m confused about when I can make a good guess as to what size I’ll need.

Any other assvice you can think of is appreciated. Seriously. Q. and I are so ignorant about the most basic things. I can’t believe they’re going to just let us come home with a baby.

Here’s a crib shot:

And finally, here is the latest belly pic (at 35w6d). The other day we had a classic bon mot from Q.: “Remember when your belly caught up to your boobs, and we thought that was exciting?” Yep. The belly is waaay out in front now (and still super high).



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8 responses to “Keep the assvice coming! (plus a belly pic)

  1. Mel

    I missed yesterday’s post, but YES more sleepers. I think I had at least 4 in each size just so I wasn’t having to do laundry every day (just every other, at least!). Newborns are just messy. Diaper blowouts, spit up, etc seem never ending. And there is nothing worse than realizing you have nothing left in the clean pile at 2 AM.

    I never bothered with real burp cloths. I bought these Gerber pre-fold birdseye 12 pack of cloth diapers and used those as burp cloths. They were super awesome, big and absorbent. The little, thin burp cloths they sell are such a drag and weren’t tough enough for me. I never needed more than the 12 and I had them stashed everywhere.

    I bought 1 nursing bra from Target (and 2 nursing night gowns) before I gave birth. It was just a generic “large” size, did not have underwire… VERY basic cotton slide over cup. It was awesome. I waited to buy any better bras until after my milk came in and I had a better idea of what I was working with. I’d say I wound up at easily multiple sizes bigger than what I am pre-pregnancy (normally 36C, was in a 38DD until about 5 months, then back in to just a 36D and then back in to my normal size around 9 months). I bought the Medela ones from Gap, I was very pleased with them but I hear they don’t sell the underwire ones anymore (underwire was an absolute must for wearing under clothes out and about during my nursing experience). My best friend just found Bravado nursing bras with her third baby and swears by them. I plan to try them this time. I’m sure you have, but stock up on lanolin and nursing pads. Lansinoh brand was my fav lanolin (could NOT have lived without) but their pads were awful. I think I just used a Gerber option and they worked great.

    You look marvelous! My belly stayed high the entire pregnancy last time. It’s been lower in this pregnancy and both are girls so who knows if there is any truth to the whole myth of a high baby meaning a girl.


  2. We used the same thing for burp cloths – gerber cloth diapers. So I’m assuming you can use receiving blankets too since you have a ton. You’ll learn very quickly what works and what doesn’t work, so I’d say be conservative and get them when the baby’s here.

    And I’m with Mel here too. Do NOT buy a nursing bra until after your milk comes in. I was easily two sizes AND a back size larger than I was pre pregnancy and actually have never gone back to my pre-pregnancy size.

    If you’re going to buy anything, get a generic sleep nursing bra – sort of like a sports bra, it’s comfy and cotton and gives you a little support. You will need it when your milk comes in, trust me. I never used lanolin – just made sure to moisturize my nipples with breastmilk after O was done feeding – but he was a lazy latch at first and we used a nipple shield so I’m not sure how that affected me.

    I initially used disposable nursing pads – liked the Lansinoh ones – but eventually moved to washable cotton ones. Can’t remember what brand they were, but they came in a handy laundry bag.

    And you look great!


  3. Heather

    You might be able to use receiving blankets as burp cloths… but I wonder if they’d work as well since they’re not really designed with the purpose of absorbing fluid? Maybe it would work fine? I guess I never really thought of doing that. 🙂

    For your first nursing bras, I’d recommend shopping when you’re 37-38 weeks along. You’ll likely get bigger when your milk comes in and then fluctuate in size for a bit, but that should be pretty close and work for getting started. I wouldn’t recommend spending a fortune on the first bras you buy, and I wouldn’t get more than two to begin with. Get one that’s comfortable (like a sleep bra) that’s easy to open/close for frequent nursing–or get a nursing tank in place of a sleep bra. If you want two bras to start with, make the second one something that is a little more supportive with better coverage for when you have company over or have to leave the house. I pretty much guarantee that once you try one bra (or a few) for actual nursing, you will have opinions and preferences about what you like and don’t like about a particular style. So it might be good to shop for more bras after you have a chance to see what is working/not working.

    For nursing pads, I started out using mostly disposables during the first weeks when I was very leaky, but I had some soft washable/reusable ones on hand too. The washable ones actually felt nicer, but in the beginning, the disposables were just more convenient. After the crazy leakage subsided, I switched to the washable/reusable ones completely–until I eventually didn’t need any at all.

  4. Nity

    I used receiving blankets as burp clothes. I also had the gerber prefolds. Both worked fine for me. But then again, I gave up everything under the sun (so it seemed) because little one spit up so much and then once I did, we rarely had any spit up whatsoever. Might be better to take advice from someone who dealt with spit up every day on this one.

    Nursing bras – no help there. I borrowed mine from a friend. They turned out to be my pre-pregnancy bra size. BUT I did essentially use my sports bras with nursing pads (the Lanolin ones were awesome) for the first couple weeks. I found I just leaked too much and it’d go down the bra so I thought it was easier to just lift and expose than mess with the whole nursing bra thing. After a couple weeks or so, milk regulated a little more. If I did need to wear a ‘fancier’ bra, I would often put a burp cloth/blanket underneath my b**b to help with the leakage.

    At least here, the hospital sent me home with 2 packages of newborn diapers and a friend gave another package. You might want to hold off buying them until you actually come home if there is a chance your hospital might do that. (They also sent me home with TONS of formula that I never used.) I’d also recommend taking everything the hospital gives you – like the pads, the spray (hopefully you’ll have first aid spray) and hemorrhoid pads. I found the hospital swaddle blankets and the bulb syringe are the best.

    You look fabulous my dear!!

    ~BIG HUG~

  5. -You can use receiving blankets as burp cloths, but it’s more awkward. I’d suggest the real thing (someone’s suggestion of the old-fashioned cloth diapers is a good one). Also, the receiving blankets are really not as useful as these for actual baby swaddling:

    The less you have to think about anything, the better!

    -Re diapers — how come you’re getting size one? If you only plan to use the disposables for the first couple of weeks, stick with newborn size. H was 8 lbs 9 oz, 21 inches and was in the newborns for a while. My guess is you’ll need more than one box before the cord comes off — you will be amazed at how many diapers you go through — but start with one! The other commenter was right about the hospital sending you home with some, too…so you may want to hold off.

    -Nursing bras — the problem is that you’ll need to see what size you are AFTER the baby comes. I grew a full size at that point, which I didn’t think was possible as I’d already grown one full size during pregnancy. What I would suggest (and what I’ll do if I ever do this again) is to buy yourself a couple of nursing tanks, which have simpler sizing (if you’re on the fence about which size to buy now, go up). Many women prefer the tanks anyway. Then once you’re home with the baby and have a better sense of your size you can buy a couple of bras.

    -You look great! Here is a “you” tip that I’m giving all my preggo friends now: Bring a headband to the hospital. When your hair is all gunky and sticking to your face, it will be the easiest way to pull it back and make you look and feel put together!

  6. we use receiving blankets asburp cloths, but if the bean was a real spitter-up-er, the laundry would be appalling. we have the pre-folds everyone recommends, too.

    i love having a zillion tiny baby washcloths. useful for spray prevention at diaper changes, spit-up wiping, even bathing 😉 way more use out of them than i’d expected.

    bc of chafing and vasospasms, i’m using both cloth and disposable nursing pads — i ended up making flannel one i like better than the cloth ones i bought (i used a prefold inside for absorbancy.) i am always in some kind of bra, even at night. i like the target nursing tanks, too.

    the bean still isn’t in size 1 dipes at 7 wks, fwiw. target disposables are cheap and work well for us. (up & up brand) huggies nb size are big and awkward. boo to them. get at least one pack in case you can’t deal w leaving the house — not that expensive and better to have them and not need them….

    we have a cloth cover (actually a king sized pillow case w seams slit for strap) on the changing pad and set a small (10×10 ish) piece of waterproof flannel on the main area. this is great since it’s easy to pick up and throw in the wash wo having to wrestle cover on and off except for major incidents.

  7. oh, nd get some oxyclean. just washing doesn’t seem to get poop stains out.

    also, yes to lanolin — or use olive oil, but it’s messier.

  8. and another thing….

    was catching up on another blog and remembered the most important thing of all: exercise/yoga/birth ball. omg it is drugs for babies. my thighs are sore from the bouncing, but praise the lord for something that works!

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