Shopping for baby- assvice needed!

Wow, did we ever have a productive weekend!

On Friday Q. finished the nursery. I was out at the uni, and came home to all the tape pulled up and the room tidied and all the light switches and things put back on. That night we moved the rocking chair and change table in there. I kept finding Q. wandering around in the nursery all weekend. And I spent a fair bit of time sitting on the rocking chair, just imagining what is to come.

I know I need to take pictures, but the nursery isn’t finished yet, in that it’s not properly organized and it still has a bunch of stuff in it that should be in the basement but can’t go down there until the basement renos are done and the dust is gone. So I’m torn between taking a picture of one corner to show you all the colour, or just holding off on pictures until we’re completely organized.

We assembled the crib on Friday night as well. It fits in our room (just), which is great, as it means we’ll then only have to transition bump to his/her own room at six months, and not to a new bed as well. Plus we didn’t have to buy a bassinet or anything. It was quite an adventure. I wouldn’t say our instructions were wrong, but they weren’t exactly clear, and we did originally put a few things in upside down. No wonder they’re trying to restrict the sale of drop-side cribs- we made a couple of mistakes, and we are generally pretty competent people! The crib mattress isn’t here yet, but that’s ok because we’re not planning on putting it in until the baby arrives- we don’t want to give our cats an excuse to try and climb in. Right now they can tell the base isn’t solid, and they’re not at all interested in the slats.

Over the weekend I washed everything that we’ve been given for the baby- hand-me-downs and shower presents. And I got everything baby-related out of the living room, except for the stroller in its box. So the chaos in the house is now confined to the basement (even if the nursery isn’t how I would like it, it isn’t chaotic anymore), which makes me SO much happier. I do love my organizing.

Yesterday we had our breast feeding class. It was pretty intense- three hours in an airless room with a MILITANT attachment parent instructor. Q. and I have agreed to take what we can from it, and to ignore the bits that aren’t going to work for us. I think it was useful, but the reality is you can’t know what is going to happen until you’re actually trying to get your baby onto your breast. At least we have a sense of what the latch is supposed to look like, and Q. can help me check things.

Some of you may have picked up from this blog that I like to be organized. And I LOVE lists. They make me so happy. So it may not surprise you that after I washed all the baby stuff and put it away, I then sat down and made an inventory of what we have. (Yes, my name is Turia, and I’m obsessed with order and lists…) But I thought I’d pick your brains about whether or not I need to go out and buy anything else before the baby comes.

Here’s what I’m thinking: we don’t know what we’re having, and we don’t know how big it will be. Once we switch to cloth diapers (after the umbilical cord comes off), bump will probably go up a size quickly because the diapers make for a bigger butt. I have no problem with sending Q. out on an emergency onesie and sleeper shop, but I’d rather not have to do that immediately after birth. So I’d love some assvice from you- how much should I have on hand to make sure we’re covered for the first couple of days? And how much should I build towards if I want to do laundry every couple of days, or even twice a week?

Currently we have:
1 crib sheet- this clearly isn’t enough. Should I have four?
16 receiving blankets and 2 burp cloths- This seems like a good stash to start with, yes?
7 hooded towels- The child has more towels than I do…and they are all so cute!

1 newborn
8 0-3 months
2 2-4 months
2 3 months
4 3-6 months
6 3-9 months
1 6 months

1 newborn
2 0-3 months
3 3-6 months
3 6 months

My gut says that I need more crib sheets, and probably a couple more sleepers, and that we should stock up on sleepers and onesies once the baby is actually here. But I would love some feedback!



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5 responses to “Shopping for baby- assvice needed!

  1. Anonymous

    I suggest maybe 2 more sleepers for right now and at least 2 more crib sheets. Hold off on clothes because all friends and family will be showering you with more clothes once they know the gender. We were blown away with the second round of presents that came after baby – all clothes!

  2. For a newborn? You’re pretty good. I’d suggest more burp cloths, since for us we liked to have one in every room and in the diaper bag – so maybe 3-4. If you have a spitty baby (i.e. spits up a lot) you’ll need more than that if you don’t want to be doing wash every couple of days.

    I’d also say that you want a couple more sleepers, too. Again, if you have a spitty baby, you’ll do a lot of changes in a given day, so I’d say you probably want 5 or 6 of the size that s/he ends up being (O didn’t fit into 0-3 months until he was nearly 10 weeks old, but he was little and early, so it really is dependent on the baby!). But sleepers are great – O lived in his for the first 3 months, until we transitioned him to short sleeved onesies with cotton pants for the summer.

    You definitely you want more than one crib sheet. My mom purchased ours so we ended up with something like 6. But we only ever rotated through 3-4. If you get a mattress protector cover thing for the crib mattress, make sure you have a spare. (You certainly won’t need it right away but you WILL need it at some point).

    I’d say wait until the bub’s here – because it’s an outing once you feel up to it (trust me! Outings are GOOD early on!), AND you’ll have the benefit of knowing how big/little your baby is so you can buy the appropriate sizes. I have friends that had babies who at birth were too big for newborn, and then there was O who fit into preemie sizes his first week. It’s really all dependent on the baby.

    Not too long now! 🙂


  3. Heather

    As another commenter said, you might appreciate going on a shopping outting with the baby (and a helper) to get the things you realize you need after s/he arrives, but here’s what I’d start with based on what I used with our newborn… and it seems already that this is kind of a personal preference since it varies somewhat from the other advice you already received. :o)

    Crib sheets: 2 (We still only ever rotate through two. If one gets dirty, I put it in the wash, and the 2nd one goes on the crib at that time.)

    Waterproof mattress pad: 2 (You didn’t mention this, but I’d recommend it. We have 2 and handle it the same as the crib sheets.)

    I think you’re more than set with 16 receiving blankets.

    Burp cloths: 6 (I’d start with 6. Our baby wasn’t a major spitter, but she did usually spit up a little once after most feedings. Burp cloths are handy little things to have around for wiping spit-up, drool, dribbled breastmilk/formula, and many other bodily fluids you’re not otherwise prepared to wipe quickly. We quickly upped our supply to a dozen or two once we realized how quickly we went through them. But if you have 6 on hand, you can get more later. You might realize you prefer a certain kind. We liked the ones that were like cloth diapers best.)

    7 hooded towels ought to be plenty.

    I think your onesie stash sounds good to start with. Once you see how big baby is, you can round out the supply as needed. By the time baby is a couple weeks old, you’ll probably have a preference for a certain brand/style of onesie, and you’ll know what size currently fits, what size will fit next, how many you go through in a day/week and if you wish you had more in baby’s current size.

    Sleepers: I’d get a total of 6 in the 0-3 month size. Our baby lived in sleepers until she was at least 4 months old. (It didn’t matter that she was born in August.) They were so much easier to deal with than outfits with pants and snaps and buttons and tops and hoodies. Once you get through that size, you’ll know what style you like best and if you want more. And then you can figure out how many to get in larger sizes as needed.

    As someone else mentioned, you probably will receive more baby clothes as gifts once baby arrives. But I would still stock up on the basics mentioned above so you can feel like you’re well prepared before baby arrives.

    How about diapers? Do you have some on hand? I’d get a box of disposables in the newborn size and a box in the size 1 size. You could leave the boxes unopened until baby arrives in case you end up not needing the smallest size (if baby is big), so you can return them. And then be ready to go buy more diapers as needed. If you end up continuing with disposables, I’d recommend not stocking up on any one particular size too much, because baby will grow out of them quickly in the first several months. It would be nearly impossible to determine ahead of time how many boxes you’d need of any one size.

    And how about covers/pads for the top of the changing table? We used some waterproof pads we could quickly fling on and off of the table, and they got used/washed constantly–but maybe you have a different plan for that. If you go with covers/pads, I’d say 4 would be good. Diaper changes can be messy… especially when baby is new and the diaper changers are kind of inexperienced/out of practice. :o)

    Oh, and don’t forget to have supplies on hand for yourself for those first postpartum days! Bras, pads and cream for nursing (if you go that route), loose comfy clothes in a size that fit when you were roughly 6 months pregnant, pads (postpartum bleeding), hemorrhoid cream (yeesh), panties you don’t care about throwing away, etc.

  4. I think get one or two more crib sheets but from my experience, I would advise a lot more burp cloths and sleepers. We kept buying burp cloths and probably ultimately ended up with 20-30 (no joke — H was a spitter, big time). You want them in every room, every bag, etc. Also I don’t know what kind of sleepers you got but I highly recommend the kind with the elastic on the bottom. For the first weeks you end up swaddling him/her anyway so you don’t need to worry about the open bottom and it’s SO convenient for changes. I’d have like 10 of those in the smaller sizes…not kidding. Some days you won’t feel like putting “real” clothes on him/her in the beginning, and then one bad spitup or blowout and you need a new one. So you don’t want to keep doing wash, you know?

    Overall I would say maybe take a few of our points and buy a few more things but then wait until s/he is here. Every parent is so different in terms of what they like/don’t like and you just aren’t going to know what works for you until you’re living it! Same w/b’feeding — you have a very healthy attitude about it! You definitely don’t know what it entails until you do it!

  5. Nity

    I’d say you’re in pretty good shape. I ended up with 5 crib sheets but ended up putting a fleece blanket on the bed (tucked around the side of the crib) and little girl never even ends up sleeping on the crib sheet for now.

    Given that you have no idea how big your baby is I’d say you’re pretty good with the number of clothes you have. We (like someone else here mentioned) got a TON of clothes after little one was born. It was awesome. Some kids (like me as a kid) were too big to even wear newborn outfits, while others (like my daughter) wore newborn clothes for 2 months. Who knows what’s going to happen until your little one gets here.

    I’m so excited for you T!!!

    ~BIG HUGS~

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