Into the eighth month…

How far along? Thirty-two weeks.

Sleep: This week has been great. I’ve been to the loo once every night, but I’ve been able to get right back to sleep again. I’ve started doing what a friend at my prenatal exercise classes was doing- keep all the lights off, keep my eyes closed as much as possible, and try not to let my brain wake up! Thus far it seems to be working. I also often wake up for the loo trip to discover that I’ve kicked the extra pillows off the bed…but I don’t think I’d like to try sleeping the entire night without them.

How am I feeling physically? I was feeling really pregnant and irritated with this earlier in the week, but then we had some warm weather, and the paths are now clear of all snow and ice. I was walking yesterday in my regular shoes, not my boots, for the first time in months. It made a HUGE difference in my mood. I was able to walk faster, and I felt more like my normal self. I’ve decided that 32 weeks is just too early to start feeling super pregnant, so I’m determined not to let all the exercise slide (even if I have admitted the exercise bike is so not going to happen). Next week I will finish up my prenatal exercise classes, and I’m considering buying a few more just so I can keep up with the yoga at least. I’ll miss my friends otherwise!

I am definitely much less hungry than I was back around 26 weeks. This is partly because I feel full faster, so I’m not eating as much in one sitting, but I’m also not eating very much in between meals. Maybe an apple in the afternoon, or a handful of nuts or some yoghurt. In the morning I rarely eat between breakfast and lunch. Q. continues to provide nutritious and delicious meals on a regular basis. I am SO spoiled. Last night it was veggie stir fry with homemade satay sauce- yummy! He also made an apple/pear pie on the weekend when my sister was coming for dinner, so we’ve been eating the leftovers every night for dessert. It’s the one thing that’s kept me from indulging in the chocolate fudge cake craving I’ve had now for weeks. I don’t get it- if I do go and buy cake, it will never live up to my expectations- it will be too dry, or not fudgey enough, or something. I think I’m envisioning the Platonic ideal of  ‘cake’ and I just can’t bring myself to realize that any actual cake will be a disappointment as a result. Sub.way sandwiches are starting to look really good again, which is funny as I haven’t wanted to eat them since the first trimester (when I wanted to eat them pretty much ALL the time).

How am I feeling emotionally? Had a bit of a hormonal week that hit its nadir on Sunday when Q. was cooking dinner and I decided to have a wail about whether or not we’d made the right decision. Q. very sensibly decided my blood sugar had crashed and made me a snack. He was probably right. But it boggles my mind that the man has absolutely NO DOUBTS about parenthood, or worries, or anything. He is just 100% excited. I think it is partly a difference in our personalities, partly a result of the fact that I’m the one growing the baby and am thus much more aware of how I’m changing, and partly a recognition that my life will change more than his when the baby comes, and I’m more worried about balancing career, etc. since I’m still in school and not yet settled. But I have all this ambivalence bottled up inside of me, and he is just super ready to bring the baby home. He sees the whole thing as an adventure. Case in point: he came home the other day really excited because he’d found a conference we could go to in Newfoundland in the fall. Q. was excited because we’ve never been to Newfoundland and we both really want to go, and he can make his uni pay for his trip and some of the accommodation costs if he’s giving a paper at the conference. He loves subsidized holidays. The complicating factor is the previous week we have a family wedding to attend…in Saskatchewan. Q. figured we’d just fly from the wedding to Newfoundland, have a holiday, then go to the conference and then fly home. I just thought it sounded like chaos. But I also don’t want to be the sort of mother who never goes anywhere or does anything because it sounds difficult or frightening. And babies are supposed to be easy to travel with at that stage because they’re not mobile. So we’ll see.

I am stressed about our poor stressed-out cat. She is still over grooming, and the bald patch on her leg is getting bigger by the day. Fel.iway, extra play time and extra cuddles don’t seem to be enough to relieve her anxiety, and I’m just not sure whether I should try to more actively manage it now, or whether I should just ride it out, let her keep her coping mechanism, and see what happens when the baby comes. It could be that the baby’s arrival will actually relieve the anxiety, as I’m positive it’s related to worry about me and what is going on. Or it could make the anxiety SO much worse as she’ll be jealous and confused. Given we still need to do a whole lot of furniture moving around, and painting, I’m a bit worried that will send her off the deep end. She over grooms in front of me, which isn’t usual, and suggests that I’m not a source of comfort. We’re going away for a couple of days, so I’ll be interested to see what the patch looks like when we get back- whether my absence makes it worse, or lets her calm down. I am trying to ignore the over grooming, and to keep from worrying too much about her, as if she picks up that I’m stressed about her, that will just make her more stressed and lead to a vicious circle. But it’s hard to see her obviously worried and not be able to do something to fix it.

What have I done this week to get ready? I did call this week to see if our crib was in. Turns out the supplier decided a couple of weeks ago just to stop shipping that crib, and while the company thought they had called everyone, I obviously got missed. They were very apologetic, and gave us a great price on an alternative. So for an extra $20 we got a much better quality crib (better wood). And it will be available for pickup from this Friday, so we’ll be able to go out and get it sometime next week when my Dad is here with a car. I want to get the crib set up asap a) to see if it will fit in our bedroom, and b) if it does, to make sure stressed cat has the chance to get used to having it in there, given that’s her usual comfort spot.

Best moment? Q. is convinced he could hear the baby moving around yesterday when he put his head to my belly to see if he could hear the heartbeat. He was SO excited. It is super cute to watch him.

Movement? Lots of wriggles and pushes now. Q. can feel them even when his hand isn’t directly over where the movement is. Pretty sure I’ve still got feet pushing up above my navel. Bump really does seem pretty chilled out, which is awesome. S/he does seem prone to hiccups- we had at least four cases of them this week.

What I miss? Having a non-stressed cat.

What I’m looking forward to? Our childbirth classes- they start next week!

Milestones? We now have less than two months until the due date!



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5 responses to “Into the eighth month…

  1. Couple things about the anxiety with your cat (and you too!):

    1. Our cat Puck did not at all react well to having a baby in the house. With him, it made him start to pee in places that wasn’t his litterbox. It was awful – I thought for a while we had to give him up. But the vet put him on Prozac- literally human prozac tablets- 1/2 a tab once a day. It’s done WONDERS for him. Might be something you can take up with your vet before the new baby gets here?

    Also – if you have baby things, washed, around the house, it would be good to start getting her used to the smell of the new being (i.e. the new detergent). Honestly, I’d suggest washing a blanket and leaving it out somewhere for her to get used to a new scent in the house.

    2. With the ambivalence? You are TOTALLY NORMAL. I know Q doesn’t share this with you, but a baby is a HUGE shift for you both. And yes, it is an adventure, but it’s also a big deal.

    It WILL take some time to assimilate “mum” and then “working mum” into your identity. It won’t happen right away, but I guarantee you that eventually you get USED to being a mom. AND a working mom. It’s just what I do now, you know?

    Travel with a baby really isn’t that bad, especially when they’re little. We’ve flown with O since he was 6 months old, and it really got hard around 18 months when he wanted to be down and walking around. Advance planning, for me, was key. And knowing that I could pick up whatever he needed when we were there – for example, I never really pack disposable diapers, just buy them when we’re there.

    You also get a LOT of leeway in the airports when you’re a family. The security people are much nicer, you can travel with milk (i.e. I travelled with breastmilk in my carryon when he was 9 months old and they didn’t bat an eye), and really they’re awesome. O always cries when his Bear has to go through the security checkpoint x-ray, so the security people have always been great about getting him his Bear immediately once they go through.

    You’re going to do great. Fear and anxiety is TOTALLY normal. You’re NOT crazy.

    Hope this is some reassurance to you.


  2. Sarah

    Poor kitty :(. I don’t know if our pets will be stressed out with a baby in the house or not. They do fine when we have lots of people over – kids, babies, whoever, but that’s obviously not the same thing. They do have the pet door and can go in and out all day, which is crucial to keeping our kitty happy. He can go hunt and do all that primal kitty stuff and he’s a much nicer cat to be around!
    I just read an article on Mark’s Daily Apple about cats and stress and a guy who ended up buying crickets from a local pet store to allow his cat to hunt inside – much cleaner than mice (ew) – and apparently it worked wonders!
    I’ve always wanted to travel with baby – to see new things, experience the world with the baby in my arms. Of course, my husband doesn’t fly…maybe we’ll be doing train trips? That would be easy with a baby – you can get up and walk around at least :). I know a lot of people who travel with their young ones – I think it’s all about preparation, but it’s totally doable.

  3. Mel

    Spring will change a lot for you. The season was just changing when I gave birth to L and I have to say every year it’s as if a massive FOG lifts from my head when the green stuff starts to grow and the warm sun starts to shine.

    I truly think that women that the brunt of the pressure when a new baby comes. It’s stressful. It’s this new, huge, unknown thing that is lingering over you every day. Plus, you have a zillion hormones pumping through you. It’s hard to relax, it REALLY IS. But the funny thing is the baby will just be born and you’ll hit the ground running. There’s not much you can do but have plenty of baby stuff, food and coffee on hand and just wing it. I didn’t even bother reading baby books until after she was born because everytime I started them, they made no SENSE to me. Because I didn’t know JACK about newborns. Plus, no way I would have retained that crap.

    If I can give you one piece of unsoliticed advice, it would be to not make plans for much in advance. Especially before he/she is born. You just have no idea where you’ll be when the baby is here and you don’t need the added pressure of obligation to weigh you down. I’ll never forget my MIL kept trying to pin us down for stuff right before and after the baby was born (events/parties/etc) and I ultimately put my foot down and told my husband that I had the right to be flighty and non-commital for a while. I think we all just handle things SO differently. I was not comfortable nursing in public, so until I knew her schedule it was not going to do me any good to make a bunch of plans. Plus, there were days when she would cluster feed or just be generally cranky from bad gas or something… ugh. Newborns are trial by error but you will do GREAT.

  4. We put our cats on Clomicalm, and it really helped them. Once they could see that there was nothing to actually stress about, we weaned them off, and they’ve been a lot happier since.

    Less than two months to go – how time flies. Let us know how you find the childbirth classes.

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