The countdown continues

How far along? Thirty-one weeks.

Sleep: Erratic. My night loo-trip varies from 1 am to 5 am, and how quickly I get back to sleep (if at all) is also highly variable. I don’t think I’m collecting that big a sleep deficit, but it’s hard to tell. The dreams are also getting very very weird.

How am I feeling physically? Not bad. Yesterday was one of the first days where I really felt very pregnant. Everything was an effort. But I’m feeling more normal today, so maybe it was how the baby was sitting. I have noticed a general tendency to just care less about everything. Getting on the exercise bike seems like far too much effort, and I’m happiest if I get a good chunk of the day to loll around on the couch. I remember reading that it was normal for women to slow down in the third trimester. At the time I would have been not even half-way yet, and on the exercise bike four times a week, and I can clearly recall thinking, “Ha! That won’t be me!” But yep, it is. I really do think my body is starting to tell me to wind down, slow down, and just rest up in preparation for labour, birth and bringing the baby home. I’m not uncomfortable. I have no real aches or pains. I just feel unbelievably lazy, pretty much all the time. I really want the winter to end so I can get out for some longer walks. I think that’s about all the exercise I can manage right now. I keep telling myself that it’s not unusual for me to stop running for at least eight or ten weeks every winter (and often much longer than that), so nine weeks of reduced activity isn’t going to completely derail my getting fit post-baby plans, especially since I have been pretty solidly active up until now.

I’m also hitting the stage where I can’t figure out how I’m meant to fit another five pounds (or so) of baby into my belly. It just seems so massive. I also think it now looks more like I’m carrying a boy, as it seems to be sticking out a lot more like a basketball. I keep having to remind myself that I cannot bend over to put on my boots right after eating if I then take too long to zip them up- I end up feeling like I’m going to be sick.

How am I feeling emotionally? Mostly good. Still having the occasional freak out about what we’re going to do with an actual baby, but I’m getting better about coping with those. I’m still in the enjoying being pregnant stage, and figure I have a good few weeks left before I move into the “dear god, will I ever stop being a whale?” stage.

What have I done this week to get ready? Again, nothing really. Sorted out a few baby shower miscommunications with my sister. Read a bit more. Kept up with my prenatal exercise classes. We’re not going to be able to deal with the nursery until late March/ early April, and I’m resisting buying anything until after the baby shower, so there isn’t all that much for me to be doing, I guess. I do need to see if our crib is in yet.

Best moment? Nothing stands out in particular this week. It’s been a good week in general.

Movement? I did wonder if bub had flipped this week, as I started getting a lot of bladder-action on Sunday evening. Luckily I had a midwife appointment on Monday, and she was able to confirm that the baby was still head down, but was resting his/her head on my pelvis, which explains the bladder issue- it wasn’t kicks, but head butts I was feeling. Bump is definitely moving into patterns of waking and sleeping- at the appointment the heartbeat was really low compared to what it normally is (130), but s/he was sound asleep (and woke up only long enough to give a few protest kicks at having his/her rest disturbed by the doppler).

What I miss? Clear sidewalks and being one of the faster walkers on the street. Right now it feels like I’m being passed by everyone except the very elderly. Am also SO jealous of the serious runners. I was training hard for a 10k this time last year, and was one of those people out in tights and layers. I keep telling myself that will be me again before too long.

What I’m looking forward to? Our pre-baby mini-break. We’re taking off next week for a couple of days to a cozy inn in a little town to rest, recharge and get a chance to just hang out with each other before bump comes along.

Milestones? I don’t think there’s anything in particular this week.

Latest appointment? Saw one of my midwives on Monday- the first of the every two week appointments. We talked about breastfeeding and about what I can do to avoid testing positive for Group B strep (the answer appears to involve a LOT of raw garlic). Everything still looked great- bump was head down, my uterus was measuring exactly as it should, etc. Blood pressure was creeping up, but we think that was attributed to the fact I splurged and had tea with caffeine right before the appointment (probably only the fifth time I’ve had caffeine the entire pregnancy).



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4 responses to “The countdown continues

  1. Funny — I had decaf coffee right before one of my late prenatal visits (I really had almost none the entire pregnancy) and my BP was so high they sent me next door to the hospital…I kept telling them that was the reason but they wouldn’t listen. I ended up getting sent home with instructions not to drink coffee but to drink tons of water. DUH!

    I turned out to have GBS and it was no big deal — they just gave me an antibiotic in my IV and that was that. I can understand your wanting to avoid abx (now that I’ve had c difficile I can REALLY understand it) but trust me, that day it would be the least of your worries! Just to hopefully alleviate one of your concerns!

  2. Can you just decline the strep test? My sister did, but I don’t know if it’s mandated in some areas (is that even legal?).

    Baby’s doing some serious growing right now, so it makes sense he/she wants you to take it easy and concentrate solely on them :).

    I hope you enjoy your mini-break! A cozy inn sounds like fun.

  3. Mel

    I dread the lazy part but it is SO inevitable in pregnancy. No matter how hard you try, you just get to that point where you cannot keep up with all that gut. You have done SO MUCH better than anyone I know, too.

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