Into the homestretch (plus a belly pic)

How far along? Thirty weeks.

Sleep: Still having a lot of problems with the nightly loo-trips. I’m lucky in that I only make one a night, but if it’s after 4:15, chances are I’m not getting back to sleep. Last week I didn’t feel this was affecting me, but I can tell now that I’m not operating at full mental capacity. The good news is that I usually get a full sleep the night after a broken one, so at least I’m not racking up too many of them in a row.

I had the craziest dream on Sunday night. I was giving the lecture for the class in which I TA on Monday, and my supervisor was coming to watch me, so I was obviously a bit stressed about this. In my dream, I went into labour during the lecture. I was behind a big podium, so no one could tell that I was dripping amniotic fluid everywhere, and I just kept on going. I finished the lecture, sent the students out on their ten minute break, and then just kept standing there behind the lectern until my husband realized something was wrong. Then I told him to call the midwives. (When I told my sister about this dream, her only comment was, “I love that your subconscious made you finish the lecture before dealing with the pre-term labour.”)

How am I feeling physically? Pretty good again. The rib pain from last week has really dissipated. I don’t know if it’s because I became more aware of it, and adjusted my posture, or if things have shifted around. I still feel quite huge and ungainly, but doing things doesn’t appear to be as much of a struggle. Maybe I’m just getting used to the bulk. I was up at the uni the other day and three of the secretaries made a point of coming to find me to tell me how great I looked and how they couldn’t believe I was in the third trimester because I looked so tiny, so I guess it is just a matter of perspective. I really do think my height is helping keep bub from sticking out too much. That said, the belly button is now a borderline official outie. The bottom part is still stubbornly refusing to pop, but in the bare belly pic we did this week, there was enough sticking out that my sister commented on it.

How am I feeling emotionally? Good. I’m definitely enjoying this part of being pregnant. It is so much fun to have bump wake up with us in the mornings, and bounce around before/after meals. I’m a little bit worried about one of my cats, as she’s showing signs that the tension between the two of them is bothering her (and I think the tension is related to the fact that they know something is up with me but don’t know what it is). The problem is she’ll get more stressed if I stress about it, so I’m trying to just offer extra cuddles and act normally. Q. and I are prepared for a pretty rocky adjustment period when bub does arrive. One of them should be fine, but the other could really end up with jealousy issues.

What have I done this week to get ready? Honestly, probably nothing. But my sister (who is organizing my baby shower) sent around the details with our wish list, so I feel like something’s been accomplished, even if it wasn’t by me. Q. and I did watch The Bu.siness of Born at the weekend. I didn’t find it all that surprising because I’ve already done so much reading about how interventions can affect the baby and your labour. But I think it was good for Q. to see it so he had a better sense of why at least trying to birth without an epidural is so important to me. I think it was most useful for two things. The first was watching women give birth without medication, and doing so calmly. They were right to say that our image of birth from the media is always panicky and super loud, with women screaming and doctors yelling at them to push. Now, I’m all for screaming, and am happy to do so if necessary. But it was nice to see births where it did look like a normal process and not a medical emergency. It was also useful for showing pictures of what babies look like at birth. As Q. said, “At least now we know that if bub comes out purple, squished and covered in slime, there’s probably nothing wrong.”

Best moment? Finding out that I don’t have gestational diabetes. I think I was convinced that I would have it because I’ve been expecting something to go wrong through the entire pregnancy (love that infertility-induced anxiety). Q. said the same thing as Serenity- that he would have been surprised if I did have it, given how we eat. I think my main concern now is developing a complication that will force my midwives to refer me to an obstetrician (which would have happened if I had GD that required insulin). That’s also one reason I was so happy bub was head down, as a breech baby would be another reason to have me farmed out.

Movement? Bub is pretty busy these days, and has definite movement patterns. On Saturday morning we’d set an alarm (I think by accident) and it startled bub awake. This was the first time I was certain s/he was reacting to an outside noise. It was so funny- all of a sudden there was this flurry of activity…and then bub ended up with the hiccups.

What I miss? Nothing much this week, although I’d love for the ice to go away so I can walk on the sidewalks with more confidence.

What I’m looking forward to? Starting our childbirth classes in a couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to the end of my prenatal exercise classes. They have been GREAT- not only for my fitness but also to get me to connect with other pregnant women. I’m going to finish them up around the 33 week mark, and I’m debating buying another set to at least keep the yoga going a few weeks longer. I’d really like to keep up the boot camp- but it conflicts with our childbirth classes.

Milestones? 75% of the pregnancy is now over. How insane is that? I’ve known I am pregnant for 26 weeks now…that’s half a year! It boggles my mind that it can go so slowly and yet so quickly at the same time.

And lastly, here is the latest belly pic (29w4d):



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2 responses to “Into the homestretch (plus a belly pic)

  1. Wow, thirty weeks!
    I’m having crazy dreams too, lately – just this past week – and have been wondering if the pumping and herbs are actually affecting my hormone levels already. Or maybe it’s just stress :).
    I laughed at bub being scared into the hiccups! How funny :).

  2. Mel

    You look great! Super tiny still, all baby.

    I have had the most bizarre dreams this entire pregnancy. I loathe them. Ready to get my normal sleep back… only 20 more weeks (UGH).


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