The results are in…

And I do NOT have gestational diabetes! Hurrah! My midwife said my sugar levels were “very very normal” and then looked at my diet record (they got me to track what I ate for three days) and said my sugar levels are reflected by my diet- I’m eating so well there’s no issue at all. My iron and blood pressure were also fantastic. Fundal height was 28.5 cm. I’m a superstar preggo!

Bub was also in great shape.  Heart rate was 160 bpm. Most excitingly, bub is now clearly head down, with his/her bum up on my right side. I had thought s/he might be tranverse, but I guess I’ve been getting kicks and punches at the same time. SO glad to see that switch from the breech bub of four weeks ago. It’s still early, but I’m really hoping s/he gets comfy and settles in now for the long haul.

We had a chat about kick counts (she only wants me to do them if I hit the end of the day and realize I can’t remember feeling the baby move), and a couple of minor things. Our next appointment is in two weeks- the countdown has really started now!



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3 responses to “The results are in…

  1. yay for no gd! and for a well-behaved, head-down bub.

  2. I would have been surprised if you had GD. SO happy to hear that all looks good.


  3. Congrats!

    Haha, when you said you got kicks and punches at the same time, I got the image in my head of a baby doing a flying side kick (a taekwondo move) with his/her little fists in the air. Funny :).

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