The countdown continues

How far along? Twenty-nine weeks.

Sleep: Still erratic. It appears that if I don’t wake up to go to the loo until 5 am or later, then I’m up for the day, whereas if I wake up at 2 am, I’ll go back to sleep (although then I do sometimes wake up at 5 anyway). I’m having some crazy-ass dreams as well, and I honestly think sometimes I wake up because my brain decides it needs to stop with the madness. I feel pretty well rested, even though I’m not getting enough sleep on a daily basis, and I’ve remained productive, which is what matters.

How am I feeling physically? Yes, obviously I shouldn’t have posted last week about feeling good, as this week was noticeably harder. I don’t know if it’s because bub did a growth spurt, or because s/he is spending a lot of time transverse (at least that’s what I think is happening), but all of a sudden things just seem to take a whole lot more effort. I’m getting a lot of pain below my ribs. It’s especially bad after I eat, and if I sit for too long. According to Dr. this is both common and normal, as my ribs are expanding at the same time they’re being compressed. It’s pretty uncomfortable at times, so I’m trying to be extra conscious of my posture. Other than the ribs, nothing else is really very sore. I am much more aware of just how much the belly is protruding. My winter jacket is definitely more snug than it used to be, and I just feel more roly-poly than even a week before. My belly button is THIS close to popping. It’s been flat for a long time now, but the top part is beginning to stick out.

My big excitement for the week is I think my bbs have started producing colustrum, which means my body is gearing up to breast feed. I am HELL-BENT on breastfeeding, so seeing signs that all is well makes me happy.

How am I feeling emotionally? Pretty good. I’ve had lots of school stuff to focus on, which has kept me from spending too much time fretting over labour and/or bringing home a baby. I LOVE all the movement, and spend a fair bit of time just watching my stomach to see it jump around. I’m very relaxed about the health of the baby- to the point that I had to remind myself the other day that I’m still quite a long way out, and we don’t want the baby coming anytime soon!

What have I done this week to get ready? I read Birthing from Within which had some interesting suggestions, even if I wasn’t convinced by all the ideas. I’ve started practicing contractions holding ice cubes. I signed Q. and I up for a breast feeding class offered by my prenatal yoga instructor. And I splurged when Q. and I were in a used bookstore on the weekend and bought a copy of four collected stories about Little Wombat (this is essential given Q.’s heritage). As soon as I showed it to Q. he agreed we had to buy it. I think books are going to be our major weakness- we are both voracious readers, we both work in fields that require loads of reading to prep teaching and do research, and we love buying and hoarding books. Being able to buy books for another member of the family is just going to be a disaster.

Best moment? Watching my stomach richochet around like crazy the other night while Q. was setting up a movie on his laptop. I actually think seeing it move on the outside is weirder than feeling the movement.

Movement? Bub has had a couple of INSANELY active days this week, and a few quieter ones as well. I think it probably has something to do with how s/he is positioned, as some days it feels like s/he’s asleep the whole time and other days it is party central in my uterus.

What I miss? Being able to eat without getting rib pain afterwards.

What I’m looking forward to? Our midwife appointment tomorrow. After this appointment we start going every two weeks!

Milestones? We’re below the 80 day mark now. How is this possible? I remember thinking viability was only a little while ago, but it’s been five weeks!


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  1. Less than 80 days until you meet your child. Things are really flying by, but it sounds like you’re all prepared. I think your kid will be a voracious reader.

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