Two down, one to go

Given I’m now into the third trimester, I thought it was time to adjust some of these categories.

How far along? Twenty-eight weeks.

Weight gain: 18 pounds. (I accidentally found the scale yesterday and figured this morning was an ok time to weigh in what with it being the start of a new trimester and all. I think that’s a pretty good weight- I’m figuring I’ll end up with a total gain of 27-30 pounds, which is right smack in the middle of the suggested range. I told Q. to hide the scale somewhere else, and will try to stay off of the one at my midwives until I hit 36 or 37 weeks.)

Sleep: I think it’s time this had its own category again. My prenatal exercise instructor asked last night if we’d slept well, and I wryly replied that “my definition of sleeping well has significantly changed”. Sleeping well now means waking up only once to go to the loo, and doing so at a time that means I can still get back to sleep afterwards (my witching hour is around 4.30/5 am). But I’ve been shocked at how comfortable sleeping with extra pillows has been. I thought it would be awkward or constricting, but instead it just means I don’t get hip pain anymore.

How am I feeling physically? This was a much better week given that I managed to kick the cold (although that took a whole lot longer than I was expecting it to!). I have started to get the foot/calf cramps if I curl my foot the wrong way at the wrong time. If these are related to a nutrient deficiency, I’m not sure what it would be, short of not getting enough salt. I might ask my midwife about them next week if they persist.

I had my first Braxton-Hicks contractions this week. Q. and I cooked an Indian feast one night for dinner, including a veggie vindaloo, and that night when I made my usual loo trip I realized that my uterus was absolutely rock hard. It was a pretty weird sensation. I’m hoping it might mean my uterus will be amenable to the spicy-food-starting-labour suggestion if we reach that point…there might be a lot of curries in our future in May!

My online birth club had a thread started recently called, “You know you’re in the third trimester when…”. What struck me was how little I was affected by these various complaints. I can still see my feet. I put my socks and boots on standing up (without too much difficulty). I can still roll over in bed in one motion. I can’t use my belly as a table, I have absolutely no swelling or water retention, etc. etc. Granted, I’m sure these moments will come- after all, I’m just barely in the third trimester now. But a number of women who are not as far along as I am were commenting on how their husbands have to put on their boots for them, or how they’ve had to give up on personal grooming in particular areas since they can no longer see them, etc. I guess part of it is because I’m tall, and part of it is because I haven’t gained too much weight, and I wasn’t carrying extra weight before I got pregnant, and I was physically fit and have remained so throughout. But I have to admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how easy things have been to this point. I’m a bit tired of getting out of breath when I climb stairs, and just generally having less energy, but I really can’t complain. (Now that I’ve posted this, I’m sure next week I’ll have a litany of aches and pains to report.)

How am I feeling emotionally? It’s been another good week, despite all the fears I posted about the other day. Overall I’m feeling generally positive, and I’m working hard to visualize positive outcomes when it comes to labour and birth. I’m feeling very close to Q. at the moment. We’re pretty snuggly at the best of times, but we just seem to spend an awful lot of time cuddling right now. He’s so excited about little bunny, which helps keep me excited when I start to get worried about various things. (And thank you to everyone who commented on my last post- it is so helpful to read about other people’s experiences.)

What have I done this week to get ready? Finalized my baby shower wish list and sent it to my sister. Because I am that sort of person, I sent it in two versions- a clean copy with just a list of items, and a (much longer) copy that has all my notes about exactly what I mean by each item and where one can find it. We’ve started looking at paint swatches for the nursery. My hold on Birthing from Within finally came in at the library, so I’m excited to read that.

Best moment? Trying to work in the library while bub jumped up and down incessantly for an hour or so (which is quite unusual- this is a pretty laid back bub normally). The irony is I was reading about fertility and ritual in early modern England, so I was trying to concentrate on discussions of quickening while my own fertility experiment announced his/her presence.

Movement? I feel like I’m getting a sense of bub’s patterns. S/he usually wakes up once we get going in the morning, and then I get sporadic movements until lunch time. S/he’s usually quieter in the afternoon and then wakes up again in the early evening and bounces around for a while. We always get kicks as I’m going to sleep at night, which is great as it gives Q. a guaranteed moment to feel bub. That said, bub already shows a stubborn streak: s/he has an incredible sense of timing and will often stop kicking as soon as Q. puts his hand on my belly.

What I miss? Being able to work a good solid eight or nine hour day without having my attention span completely ruined. At the moment I’m lucky if I can get in six hours in the library before I end up staring out the window.

What I’m looking forward to? Something I’m not looking forward to, but will be glad to have over and done with is my gestational diabetes test, which is tomorrow. I’ve been pretty careful with what I’ve eaten today and yesterday. I know that’s unlikely to make a difference considering I’m going straight to the fasting two-hour test, but it makes me feel better. We’ve planned a low GI meal for the evening too.

Milestones? Third trimester! 12 weeks until the due date. 9 weeks until this baby is at term (and that definitely freaks me out!).



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3 responses to “Two down, one to go

  1. Hey, thanks for offering – I’d love a copy of your list! My sister just told me about the universal registry option on Amazon. You can add anything to it from any website apparently. That should make it easier on me :).

  2. p.s. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! Will be hoping it’s EASY for you!

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