Into the double digits!

How far along? Twenty-six weeks.

Maternity clothes? I keep waiting for this “pregnant women get super hot” thing to kick in. I’m starting to think I don’t have enough cozy sweatshirts/sweaters now that I’m seriously growing out of my baggy ones from pre-pregnancy. I am usually freezing, and pregnancy does not seem to have changed this, which is terribly disappointing. I may have to rethink the undies situation in the not so distant future. PJs are still ok as I’m carrying high enough I can tie my pants under the belly.

How am I looking? We’re due to take a belly pic this weekend, and I know I keep saying this, but I really do think there will be a huge difference. I feel like the belly just exploded in the last couple of days. Yesterday I was running around in a sportsbra and my yoga pants before going to my exercise class, and the sight of my belly stopped me dead in front of a mirror. I had to get Q. up to look at it as well. He wanted to know a) if I was sure I wasn’t carrying twins (thanks, love), and b) how it could possibly continue to keep getting bigger for another fourteen weeks. I’m starting to wonder that myself. The swelling I noticed last week doesn’t seem to have shown up again, which is good. I’m also trying to remind myself that even though I feel like I’m huge, I’m all baby. There are a couple of places on my body I’ve been using as checkpoints for my weight gain (rib cage, collar bones/shoulders, etc.) and they’ve been indicating all along what my endocrinologist appointment confirmed on Friday: I’m not gaining excessive weight. According to my endocrinologist’s scale, I was up 18 pounds. His scale is always around 3-4 pounds heavier than mine, so I’m probably up 15-16 in total, which I figure is spot on for 25 weeks, and should hopefully have me finish up somewhere around the 30 pound mark. That doesn’t mean I don’t think I look fat, of course, but I just keep repeating my mantra of I’m not fat, I’m pregnant.

How am I feeling physically? Much the same as last week. Bending over is hard, and usually makes me start to feel sick if I take too long to put on my boots. I run out of energy faster. I’m starting to have to make a real effort to roll over in bed. But I’ve had a couple nights of good sleep, which has made a huge difference mentally and emotionally, so I’ve had a pretty productive week. I’m starting to get a lot more heartburn and/or soreness up around my ribs. I also noticed for the first time this week that my belly is now up as high as the bottom of my ribcage, so I guess that all makes sense. On the weekend I overindulged in sweet things from all the baking I did for Q’s party, and I felt really really unwell as a result, so that was a timely reminder that I need to continue to eat as well as I have been to this point.

How am I feeling emotionally? The surprise party for Q. went off without any serious glitches (we were a bit late getting to our own party because the restaurant we went to for dinner took longer than expected). Most importantly, Q. had had NO idea what I was planning- he never found any of my secret stashes, and he didn’t clue in to any of my slightly odd behaviour in the day or so before. So once that was over I found I really relaxed again. It’s much easier to think about the baby as a little person now that I’m getting punched and kicked with such regularity, and that’s helped me too- I’m excited again, which is lovely.

What am I thinking about? Still plugging away at the baby shower wish list. I finally bit the bullet and told my parents what stroller Q. and I wanted (in the end we went with the Jo.gger C.ity Eli.te). My mum also seems willing to make me a Moby Wrap and possibly a sling as well, which is fantastic. I was having trouble rationalizing spending $60 on a Moby Wrap when all I needed was someone who could hem the edges of a really long piece of fabric for me! The other thing Mum and I talked about was having her come and stay with us for a week or so about a week after the baby is born. I’m at a high risk for PPD, and there is a possibility that Q. is going to get landed with his book proofs right when the baby arrives, and thus won’t be able to immediately be as helpful as we were anticipating. Mum is super happy to come and stay, which is wonderful. I’m going to be really glad to have her here.

What am I currently investigating? Newborns and cloth diapers. I’m not sure whether to use disposables until the cord falls off, or fold down our prefolds, or what.

Best moment? The baby getting the hiccups yesterday morning while Q. and I were both still in bed and able to giggle over them together.

Movement? The hiccups were by far the best part of this week, but we had another good moment on the weekend when I realized I could feel a body part and then by a process of elimination worked out that it had to be the head. So I got Q. to feel it as well…and then the baby woke up and thumped me a few times (obviously telling us to cut it out!). The baby is spending a lot of time head up right now, but it’s still early, so I don’t think that really matters. It’s getting predictable in its movements as well- I nearly always get something when I roll onto my side to go to sleep, and it usually wakes up pretty soon after I do in the morning.

What I miss? Red wine! I asked everyone who came to the party to bring a bottle of wine for Q., so he’s now got this wonderful wine rack jam-packed with delicious vintages…bring on May, says I!

What I’m looking forward to? Hitting the third trimester, which may or may not start next week- the books seem to disagree. I’m also terrified about hitting the third trimester- time is really flying now and I feel like I’ve got so much still to do!

Milestones? We now have less than 100 days until the due date. Eek!



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2 responses to “Into the double digits!

  1. Just a note – my sister had in her birth plan for the doc to wait to cut the cord until it stopped pulsing. Apparently, the cord fell off within 2 days after that! Anyway, for what it’s worth, I think we’re doing disposables the first couple of weeks – mostly because we’re having to travel so far with the baby, but also so we can wait to get into a routine at home before we start the laundry piling up :).

    Less than 100 days! Time is flying!!!

  2. Mmmm… I miss red wine too. I know it feels like time is flying, but it sounds like you’ve got everything under control.

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