The 24 week midwife appointment

We had our 24 week midwife appointment today. This was the first one with our primary midwife since 12 weeks, as she was on holidays at the end of December. I like them both, but my primary midwife is just so much more experienced, and it really shows in how she talks to us and handles things. I went in there wondering if I should be pushing for another u/s to check to see that the cyst has resolved, and by the end I wasn’t remotely worried anymore. She did a great job of explaining what it means (nothing), and called my genetic screening (IPS) results a “negative”, which shows just how little risk she thinks there is. She also said, which I have heard before, but it was good to hear it again, that the ultrasound technology is now almost too good- they see all sorts of things that are meaningless, but they are legally obligated to report them. So I think I will stop worrying, at least hopefully for a little while.

We chatted about a few things. I’m going to go straight to the 3 hour gestational diabetes diagnostic test. I’ve heard so many negative things about the 1 hour screen and how inaccurate it is, and given my PCOS predisposes me to these sorts of problems we agreed that it made sense to just do the definitive test. I will be shocked if I have a problem, as all the tests I’ve had done over the last few years have consistently shown that I have no signs of insulin resistance and my ability to cope with blood sugar is better than normal. And my pee sticks at the midwife clinic have always been perfect. But it will be good to know for sure. I’m going to make sure I don’t have a sugar overload the day before!

Everything looked great. Uterus was right where it was supposed to be. Fundal height was exactly 24 cm. Bub’s heartbeat was easily found and was around 150. Bub was breech, so the head was able to be felt. I think bub does spend a lot of time head down though, as that’s the only way I can explain the times I get a super heavy feeling in my lower belly/pelvis, and have to dash to the loo. Blood pressure was my usual rock bottom 82/54. We’re going to check my hemoglobin when I do the diabetes test, but she isn’t expecting a problem because mine was so high at the start of the pregnancy (I guess taking prenatals solidly for three years pays off!).  It was another one of those lovely, boring appointments.

We’ve now got a registration form for the hospital, a sheet to record my diet for three days, and an optional birth plan to fill out. Things are really starting to get real!


Also, a huge thank you to everyone who weighed in with their likes/dislikes/must-haves on my last post. It is so interesting to get different perspectives on what will be most useful, and you highlighted a few things that I hadn’t thought of. Keep all the suggestions coming!



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3 responses to “The 24 week midwife appointment

  1. sounds like this midwife is so much better! so nice to meet with a professional who is helpful and knowledgeable!

  2. Mel

    I am so glad everything went so well. 24 weeks, OH MY GOODNESS!

  3. Okay, I really don’t want to irritate or alarm you, because I’m sure your midwife knows what she’s doing and advised the three-hour test for a reason…and some people do just fine with it. But for me, the three-hour glucose test was very difficult (I was forced to have it as I failed my screening by one point…the three-hour test ended up being fine). You arrive with an empty stomach (which for me was not easy at all while pregnant) and then slurp down all this really sweet orange stuff which causes your sugar to spike, obviously. For three hours. Again for me while pregnant that was just not a good combo. I had to lie down and at one point I almost called it off.

    If you do end up having it, be sure to bring some sort of real food with you so you can eat immediately once it’s over. But again, maybe you might want to reconsider given that you don’t have the insulin resistance…I am PCOS too but my doc never suggested the three-hour test until my screening was off by a point (which is fine and very common). If you’re not having any nausea/lightheadedness/constant hunger at this point, though, you may be fine with it…just wanted to throw this out there in case it might help you prevent a rough time!

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