At last- viability

How far along? Twenty-four weeks.

Maternity clothes? I am in love with my maternity black cords. I had a beige pair of cords that I got rid of when we last moved overseas (part of my “If I can pull off my pants without undoing them, I’m not keeping them” purge after I lost a whole bunch of weight before our wedding). I’d forgotten just how comfy they are, especially in winter. I wore the most obvious mat shirt I have to teach in this week, and at the end of the tutorial, one of my students (whom I’ve taught in a previous year), came up and asked me a question about the tutorial readings. He then dropped all eye contact, got really nervous and mumbled, “Also, I just wanted to say…and I know it’s none of my business…and I don’t want to make an idiot of myself…but congratulations.” To which I gave him a huge smile and said, “Thank you!” He said it was getting pretty obvious. (A couple of my students weren’t here last week, and I thought their eyes were going to bug out of their heads when they saw the belly this week. They are so funny.)

How am I looking? I realized when we took a new belly pic (see last post) this weekend that the belly doesn’t look all that much bigger than it was at Christmas. But I feel that I look huge. Who knows. I can see the weight gain on my lower back, hips and thighs, but I just keep telling myself that is my breast-feeding reserves, and I NEED that weight to successfully nurse my child.

How am I feeling physically? I’m sleeping normally again, which is a relief. This is the first week I’ve really started to notice it is taking more effort to do basic things. When I bend over to tie my shoes, it starts to get uncomfortable after a minute or so. If I roll over onto my belly before falling asleep at night, I can’t stay that way for very long. And boot camp last night was HARD. It’s always a good workout, but last night I just felt flattened at the end. I noticed I had to ease back on the tension on the exercise bike as well. And I am already sick of having to go to the loo the MOMENT I get outside…every single time. And did I mention that I am STARVING all the time? The other day we had leftover risotto with salad for dinner, and yet an hour later I’m putting peanut butter on crackers. Ridiculous. I seriously hope the baby needs this food.

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m on a much more even keel than I was at this point last week. My mantras are helping. Sleeping more is helping. Plus I’ve been productive with school things, which has helped ease the underlying worries about “will reproducing completely derail my PhD?” I am definitely going through a hormonal stage though- the other night I completely lost it on Q. because he innocently went to open a bottle of wine after a rough day at work. I’d watched him drink with dinner over the weekend and couldn’t cope with the idea of watching him enjoy yet another glass of vino…so the way I dealt with this was by getting hysterical and crying. Poor Q.

What am I thinking about? My baby shower wish list. We’re not registering anywhere, but my sister has agreed to manage a wish list just as she did for our wedding. It’s still early, but I like to do this in bits and pieces. So any and all suggestions about what is essential to have and what is a waste of time are appreciated!

What am I currently investigating? Nothing in particular. I did book prenatal classes (they start at the end of March), and we did go and look at strollers on the weekend. And a friend gave me her carseat that her bub has just outgrown, so that’s one unnecessary purchase done! I am starting to think casually about what colour to paint the nursery.

Best moment? Q. getting to feel the baby move- three days in a row. He hasn’t stopped smiling since.

Movement? There’s been a big change this week- the baby’s kicks are much more noticeable and pack more of a punch. They’re not uncomfortable though, for which I think I have my anterior placenta to thank!

What I miss? Wine. Feeling balanced- I am just starting to get unsteady on my feet and have nearly toppled over a couple of times when I turned too quickly.

What I’m looking forward to? Our next midwife appointment on Monday.

Milestones? Twenty-four weeks means viability! Woo-hoo!



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6 responses to “At last- viability

  1. T – you look maaaaahvelous, my darling!!! And I’m so glad that Q gets to join in the fun, now that he can feel the baby move!
    Okay – baby shower wish list time!!! These are the things that we found really, really useful:
    a. Bumbo and bumbo tray
    b. A LOT of newborn sleepers…that’s all you’ll have your baby in when you first bring him/her home and you’ll go through a lot of them…
    c. Video baby monitor (our is from Summer Infant…colour monitor…can’t live without it…)
    d. Diaper genie (no explanation needed…)
    e. Little things that you don’t think of buying, like a baby are kit (ours is the Safety First Hospital’s Choice 12 piece care kit, that contains a baby thermometer, nail clippers, etc.); bibs; pacifier holders
    f. Baby bathtub (ours is the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders one…love it…)
    g. A baby swing (we actually never got one…but on days when my little guy was fussy, I sure wish I had one!)
    Oh, the few months are going to be so amazing for you…I am so happy for you!!! xoxo

  2. Oh my gosh, your student was so adorable!

    Awesome about the car seat :).
    I’ve been making a wish list myself, and so far I’ve got:
    – extra crib sheets (my sister recommended putting down a sheet, then a waterproof pad, then another sheet – that way if the baby wets through the top one in the middle of the night, you can just pull the top one off quickly without having to strip the mattress and remake the bed)
    -swing or bouncy chair (for those moments when you need to shower or go to the bathroom and need the baby nearby)
    -maya and moby wraps
    -baby monitor
    -nasal aspirator (my sister has this cool Japanese one called the “suction pigeon”)
    -baby thermometor
    -infant gowns
    plus some cloth diapering stuff and safe teethers (those little teeth pop up pretty quickly I hear 🙂

  3. You look amazing, my dear!

    Things you need:
    -I cannot stress this enough: BURP CLOTHS. Tons of them. They don’t have to be cute — you can even get those plain white old-fashioned cloth diaper ones. You think you’ll only need a few, but actually you’ll need at least 20. I’m not kidding. No one tells you about the spitup, and you don’t want to run out of them just because you haven’t had time to do laundry.
    -Those infant gowns with the elastic on the bottom. They make frequent diaper changes so much easier in the first weeks.
    -Multiple changing pad covers. I’d get about 3-4.
    -A bouncy seat. You need a place to put the baby when you need to pee/shower/eat. Get one like this, that has activities that will keep the baby interested when s/he is a little bit older:
    -White noise. I downloaded it off of iTunes (called “Help Your Baby Sleep”) and put it on an old ipod with speakers in H’s room — we play one of the tracks (“Waterfall”) on repeat. But you can also buy white noise machines. I don’t recommend the “Sleep Sheep,” as that only lasts for a short period of time.
    -A Pack and Play — we have used ours so much. At first we had it on our first floor with the bassinet insert so H could nap near us. Then we used it sort of as a playpen when he was a little older. Now we use it as a traveling crib.
    -This thing: Babies hate the sun in their eyes, so if you plan to use a stroller with an adapter so you can use the car seat, this is a lifesaver. It also keeps bugs out in the warmer weather.
    -Fisher Price Space Saver high chair — this is what we use every day, on one of the chairs we have at our kitchen island. It’s also portable so you can take it with you if you go on a (driving) trip.

    Things you don’t need:
    -Dreft. What a waste of money. Just use a regular detergent like Tide Free that’s unscented/for sensitive skin, then you can use it for every load.
    -Bumbo seat – I know one of the other commenters liked it, and everyone’s different, but for us it was a waste. H sat in it maybe once and didn’t like it. The time between when they’re ready for a Bumbo and when they can sit on their own (and therefore don’t need a Bumbo) is very short.
    -Infant shoes. We got a ton of adorable baby shoes as gifts and hardly used them at all. When you’re sleep deprived in those first weeks and months, you’re lucky if you can get the baby dressed in clean, matching clothes, never mind wrestle him or her to get unnecessary shoes on. If you do feel the need for shoes in those early weeks, go with Robeez, which slide on. Otherwise, wait until s/he is a little bit older (i.e. moving around, pulling up on their feet), but still go with Robeez or other soft-sole shoes!

  4. Mel

    I miss wine, too. I find myself replacing it with whine these days. LOL

    Things I could not have lived without:
    1) SWADDLE ME’S. Loved these things. They are swaddle blankets with velcro on them that a newborn generally cannot break free from. We tried the swaddle process with a regular blanket like the hospital did and from the day she was born on, it NEVER STUCK. She always broke free. And newborns with flailing arms cannot sleep. They smack themselves (or worse, scratch) in the face and wake up constantly. We found those swaddle me’s to be the perfect solution and she wore them for at least 6 months for sure.
    2) SLEEP SHEEP. I love this thing. We STILL USE it and she is almost 2.
    3) Footed sleepers with zippers up the front, NOT SNAPS. A lot of people use gowns for this same reason, but I just never loved the gown. The zippers are SO much easier in the middle of the night for changing diapers than fighting with snaps. With baby #2, I will return any snap sleepers I get!
    4) Boppy pillow for nursing.
    5) Something to put her/him in for hands free living for you. We used a boppy bouncy seat because that’s all L would be happy in, though we had a tried several things. Swing, carrier, sling, etc. Find SOMETHING. You’ll want something for sure that you can put the baby in so you can shower/eat/go to the bathroom, etc. I liked being able to see her at all times when she was really little (I was SO nervous the first few weeks, newborns can be scary!) so the chair was awesome as I could set her down wherever I was and she was happy as a clam. Those bouncy chairs can be a bit scary, some of them aren’t supportive enough and the baby’s head can fall forward too easily. The boppy one (I believe it’s called bright starts now) was perfect because it conformed to the baby.

    GOOD LUCK picking stuff! There is a LOT of unneccessary out there and even then, the baby might hate everything you have. Options are good. L hated the swing and bjorn and they were both so expensive. Lesson learned, though.

  5. Okay…and add-on to my last comment…
    First of all, apparently I can’t spell…I meant to say “baby CARE kit”…but hopefully you know what I meant…
    I thought I should mention that it would be a very good idea to have a few baby bottles all ready to go, with newborn nipples. This is on the off-chance that you have having difficulty breastfeeding…that can be hard enough to deal with, so you want to be prepared and not have to rush out at the last minute to pick up bottle stuff. I really recommend “Dr. Brown’s” BPA free plastic bottles – I find them AWESOME and they are supposed to reduce gas.
    About that Bumbo…yes, not everyone got good use out of them. My girlfriend’s little boy was HUGE and couldn’t get his chubby little legs in the seat. However, my little guy was in danger of developing plagiocephaly (flat head), so we needed to keep him propped up. He used that chair from 3.5 months to about 7 months – we even fed him in it initially because he was too small for a highchair when he started on solids!
    So many things to think about! 🙂

  6. Cheryl

    Congrats on a great midwife appointment (next post)!

    Can’t resist adding my two cents.

    1) yes yes yes to the spit up cloths!
    2) cuddly wrap. It takes a bit to learn to put on but it was really comfy for us.
    3) white noise is also a must.
    4) re the bumbo chair, borrow dont buy. My boys used them for about three weeks, but were in cloth diapers so the big butt kept them locked in.
    5) my breast friend BF pillow. Amazing pillow!!!!!!!!!I used both the single and the double.
    6) sleep sacks (for post swaddling). I like both the Grow Bags and Sleep Huggers (canadian).

    Enjoy! Have fun shopping!!!!

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