A perfectly normal appointment…

And it is SO nice to be having those!

I would not have said it was possible, but I like my backup midwife at least as much as my primary midwife, and possibly even a bit more. These ladies are AMAZING. I feel so lucky to have such great care.

Uterus was right where it should be, and right where I thought it was (just below my belly button). Bub was quite happy to yield up his/her heart rate to the doppler (155 bpm). Blood pressure was high for me, but still fine (100/62). Basically everything looks great!

My midwife couldn’t care less about what I weigh, so I’ve decided I’m going to keep the scale hidden wherever Q. put it. I will get weighed at about 25 weeks at my endocrinologist appointment, and that will be a good point to just check in and see where I am going. I honestly don’t think I could make many changes to my diet without either being constantly hungry, or constantly miserable that I was depriving myself of anything that constituted a treat (and by this I include the emergency bagel with cream cheese I seem to need every Monday). And that’s just not worth it. So no scale for me!

We had a chat about a few things, like prenatal classes and the ultrasound we’re having at 19 weeks. I go back again at the very end of December. My primary midwife is on holidays, so I’ll see my backup again, which is great, as it will give Q. a chance to meet her.

One thing I did notice yesterday after I posted that I don’t think there is a huge change in my belly, is that there is a change in my belly button. I have  a scar from the laparoscopy my f/d did before we did the IUI/IVF conversion cycle. Normally you can’t see it at all, unless I am poking at my belly button. But now it’s much more visible. So something is flattening out!

The other thing I find funny is I now forget to take my prenatal vitamin. Because who can remember ONE pill?!


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  1. smellymeli

    I am SO glad everything went so well!! Beautiful!

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