Wow- it’s December!

How far along? Seventeen weeks.

Maternity clothes? Still nope, and I can still pull off both my pairs of jeans without undoing them, so I don’t think I’ll be needing new jeans for a while yet. My black pants are becoming problematic though- on Monday they fit really well until lunch, and then I had to keep them undone for the rest of the day.

How am I looking? I’m not entirely convinced that my belly has changed size since we took that belly pic, although I can feel that my uterus has moved upwards. The funniest thing is how much the size of my belly fluctuates depending on the time of day- it is enormous by the late evening once I’ve eaten dinner and chugged back the rest of my three litres of fluid.

How am I feeling physically? This has been a great week from this perspective- almost no headaches, no back pain, and I started sleeping properly again. Were it not for the fact that I get out of breath doing things that normally I would take in my stride, I don’t think I would even notice that I’m pregnant! (Case in point: I did this crazy vacuum job on the house on the weekend, including all the ceilings to get cobwebs, and then had to lie down for an hour.)

How am I feeling emotionally? I’m nervous again, because I have a midwife appointment tomorrow. I hate how I get progressively more nervous the closer I get to an appointment. I guess I am a total “ignorance is bliss” kind of gal when it comes to medical stuff and the pregnancy, which isn’t like me at all. I’ve settled into a bit of routine with Q. gone, but I still miss him terribly. Sunday I had the day off (Saturday was filled with housework and marking), and I just ended up in the biggest funk- a lazy Sunday is no good without your husband!

What am I thinking about? Strollers. I swear this is more difficult than buying our house was, and buying a car would be simplicity itself. Q. and I are going to hit up some stores in December once the semester is over, and hopefully actually seeing the strollers in the flesh will clarify the issue.

What am I currently investigating? RESPs, and, of all things, daycares, because the instructor at my belly bootcamp last night asked us if we were on waiting lists yet. Apparently the daycare situation in my city is crazy. My head nearly exploded. There are SO many decisions related to the pregnancy and the first few months with the baby, and I’m supposed to be thinking about daycare as well?! Q. and I figure we won’t need any care for the first 16 months, but we’ll need something in place at least part-time come September 2012. Surely I still have enough time to figure this out.

Best moment? Starting my prenatal exercise classes. They are 90 minutes, and the first half an hour is just taken up with chatting about various things. At my yoga class on Saturday, the room was PACKED, and we talked about names. I realized it was the first time in real life I’d sat in a room full of pregnant women, pregnant myself, and been able to join in the conversation (obviously I chat all the time online, but it isn’t the same). I finally got that sense that you see people blogging about: that there is a club, and that suddenly I get to join it. And the nicest thing was no one there knew that it took us three years and two rounds of IVF to get there. I was just one of the girls. That said, I actually like my belly bootcamp class on Tuesday nights better- the cardio is hard work because I use muscles unrelated to what I need for the bike. And as for the weights…well, let’s just say I don’t have any upper body strength! I think it is going to be super good for me.

Movement? Nope.

What I miss? Q.!

What I’m looking forward to? My next midwife appointment (tomorrow). I get to meet my backup midwife (they always work in pairs, and they alternate appointments so we get to know both of them really well). I want to ask her about prenatal classes and cord blood banking.

Milestones?  Nothing significant this week. The funny thing is that time is starting to really fly. I can remember the absolute glacial pace before week 12, and now I can’t believe five weeks have already gone by. I’ll be halfway right before Christmas!


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  1. Oh boy, there’s definitely a “club”. Glad you finally got to join :).

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