Another week

How far along? Sixteen weeks.

Maternity clothes? Nothing official, but I did have to break down and buy new bras last week, as well as tank tops with built in support for sleeping (frankly, I probably should have done this before I was pregnant, but I am lazy). But I have all these adorable tops in my closet thanks to my mum (she said I had to open the package to make sure it all fit), so I’m getting excited to have enough of a belly to make wearing them worthwhile! There is one top from Mother.hood, which is ruched on the sides and at the chest, that is SO comfortable. It is the softest fabric. I think I’m going to have to buy another one in a different colour. I just love it. I also ordered three belly bands online, and should have them in a week or so.

How am I looking? Definitely looking pregnant to my eyes, but you really can’t tell unless I’m in tight clothes. We were at a friend’s house for brunch this weekend, and she said you couldn’t tell at all. And my dad’s comment when I sent him my belly pic from 15w4d was that I could hide my pregnancy the entire winter if I just kept wearing my winter coat all the time!

How am I feeling physically? Fewer headaches this week- I have really upped the water intake, and it has made a noticeable difference, so I think dehydration was probably the major problem (which is ridiculous given how much water I was already drinking- seriously, I must be close to 3 litres a day now.). My back is also better- I took a break from the exercise bike for a few days, and have been very careful to stretch out the back after using it, and that seems to have sorted out the problem. My sleep is still a huge issue- now that Q’s away, I am back to waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to get back to sleep.

How am I feeling emotionally? The pregnancy feels a bit more real now, especially in the evening when my belly has swelled up from dinner and all that water and I look HUGE! I feel very vulnerable with Q. away. A friend of mine has a husband who was deployed when she was 23 weeks, and he won’t be back until their little girl is two months old. I don’t know how she is standing it- she is so brave. 

What am I thinking about? Back to obsessing about strollers. Now I’m wondering if it makes more sense to buy the jogging stroller first, and then go with one of the smaller, lighter Maclarens that aren’t good for newborns once bub is old enough. I think I’m just going to have to go to a store and test drive a whole bunch of them. I really appreciated all the feedback/comments on strollers from you ladies! Gave me a lot to think about.

What am I currently investigating? Still on the cloth diaper wagon. Man, there is a LOT to learn about those things. Who would have thought it could be so complicated? The good news is I think Q. is now totally on board with at least trying them.

Best moment? Taking my first belly pic.

Movement? Nope. I’m just hoping I’m not going to have to wait until 24 weeks like my friend did with her first (also had an anterior placenta).

What I miss? Q.!

What I’m looking forward to? Q. coming home, and me hopefully having a bigger belly to show him.

Milestones?  I did my bloods for the second part of the IPS testing on Friday. So hopefully we will get those results in a couple of weeks. I’m not worried about them, but it will be nice to have the results, given I am a compulsive medical organizer after all the ttcing.



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4 responses to “Another week

  1. Mel

    I bought about 8 different colors in a short sleeved and long sleeved version of those side rouched maternity shirts. It was when that style first became really popular and I remember when the sales girl handed it to me to try on, I rolled my eyes because I thought it was going to look AWFUL. But it actually looked so cute and flattering! I wore those jokers threadbare.

    IT amazes me how much extra water is needed in pregnancy! That’s why you’re peeing all the time!

  2. Lucy

    Yay for maternity clothes and belly pix! I had a couple ruched shirts, and I loved them.

  3. Megan

    Total lurker here, and exactly one year ahead of you. My due date was May 11th of 2010. (She was 9 days early tho) 🙂 Stroller advice – get whatever kind you like but ALSO get one of the little frame-only ones that your carseat will snap into. I got mine 3 months in and wish I’d had it from the beginning. Keep that one in the car, it’s lightweight and SO SO easy for trips into stores. Mine is the Graco one. It’s one of my top items.

    I also was totally gung-ho for cloth diapers and spent way too much. My 7 month old is still in disposables. FAIL! However into it you are, skip the newborn stash. Biggest waste of money ever. I do use my prefolds under her bum on the changing table though.

    I think that there would be world peace if everyone could wear maternity pants every day. They are comfy!!! I still wear my work ones. LOL.

    Congrats to you! I was right where you are exactly one year ago in my pregnancy. Reading your blog is bringing back wonderful memories of each stage. thank you for sharing!

  4. Hooray, hooray for your cute little belly! You look great, T.!
    Are you going to find out what gender it is?
    As for strollers – do you remember the entry that I made about the exact same dilemma? I just bought the Britax Blink umbrella stroller because I find the stroller that goes with my travel system waaaay to big (takes up too much room in my cargo – and I drive an SUV!!)
    Isn’t it fun to think about these things?
    Wishing you much love,

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