Twelve weeks- woo hoo!

How far along? Twelve weeks! Hurrah!

Weight gained/lost this week? (Total weight change) +1 lb (+4 lbs). I’m now totally confused. I saw my endocrinologist on Friday, and he weighed me, like he does at every visit. That scale, for the last two and a bit years, has consistently shown me as 3-4 pounds heavier than my scale at home (which makes sense, as I weigh myself at home before breakfast, without clothes, which obviously doesn’t apply to my appointments with him!). According to my scale, I have gained four pounds. According to his (he saw me last at six weeks) I’ve gained 1/2 pound. There’s now only a one-pound difference between my weight on the two scales. I can’t figure it out.

Maternity clothes? Nope.

Physical signs? Still have monster bbs and a definite lower tummy bump- it actually shows with some of my sweaters now, but I still think I’m hiding it pretty well.

Symptoms? Heaps of heavy cramping from Saturday onwards, to the point that I got a little worried. It was almost like period cramps. And then yesterday I started getting queasy, so I think my ute or the bub must have had a big growth spurt, and my hormone levels changed again.

Emotions? Definitely more under control than last week, although I’ve been pretty short-tempered a couple of times. Sometimes I actually forget that I’m pregnant, which I think is a great sign that I’m settling down and starting to relax.

Medications? Synthroid 0.112 1x/day;   Slow release Aspirin 1x/day;  Progesterone suppositories 4x/day; Prometrium 3x/day; Estrace 2x/day; Pre-natal vitamin 2x/day. But I should be off the progesterone, prometrium and estrace as of tomorrow, and possibly the baby aspirin too.

Side effects? None. Q. prefers the whole progesterone 7x/day routine. Turns out he REALLY hated having to stick me with needles.

Sleep? I had a couple bad nights with the insomnia. Once I got up and had hot milk at 3 a.m. and that put me back to sleep (although it woke up the cats who were so excited to have me wandering around). I’ve cut out the hot milk before bed as I’m not having trouble falling asleep, and the extra liquid was causing me to have to go to the loo right when I’d have trouble getting back to sleep. Woke up this morning at 5.30, but I call that progress.

Best moment? Sitting on the couch with Q. last night, reading him the entry for twelve weeks from our week-to-week book, and hearing him say in this quiet, wistful voice, “I’m really excited.” He has been holding in so much emotion over these last few years- I can tell.

Movement? Nope.

Food cravings/aversions? Doing pretty ok- I even ate tomato sauce on pasta last week. Q. is going out of his way to make sure that the dinners are tasty and healthy. The highlight dinner of the week was the wild Pacific Coho salmon served with lentil puree, mashed sweet potato, baby potatoes and steamed spinach. It was basically a perfect meal. Q. is obsessed with exposing the baby to loads of different tastes, given how much he loves cooking. Bub is going to be so spoiled.

What I miss? Exercise. I know my f/s cleared me to start weeks ago, but I’ve been too nervous to do anything other than walking until we have the big scan tomorrow. My blood pressure and heart rate are both up (which is partly pregnancy, but also partly due to lack of fitness), and I am getting really breathless on stairs (also partly pregnancy, but not entirely).

What I’m looking forward to? Graduating from the clinic tomorrow after an ultrasound that shows a healthy baby. Really really hoping that’s exactly how it happens.

Milestones? Twelve weeks! That’s the first trimester done, according to some of the books.

Appointment updates: Saw my endocrinologist on Friday. My TSH was a bit out already when he saw me at 6w2d- it was at 4.49, so it was a good thing he changed my dose to 0.112 every day. I’m still waiting to hear from him if it needs to be changed again. My hair is less dry, and my nails have an event line where their colour has changed, but I can’t tell if I’m over- or under-medicated. I always seem to be wrong when I guess.

I also had a dentist appointment on Monday. My gums bled really badly. I brush and floss, so the dentist said it was because of pregnancy and the extra hormones letting more bacteria grow. I have to go in again in three months to keep an eye on it, and I think I might use a mouthwash for now as well. Otherwise the teeth look good. And I found out some great news- the hygienist I sometimes see who has auto-immune hypothyroidism too and has had several miscarriages is not only pregnant, but is due in December! I was so happy to hear that!



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5 responses to “Twelve weeks- woo hoo!

  1. Congrats on 12 wks :). Hoping your appt tomorrow is uneventful, baby looks wonderful and you graduate from the clinic!
    That is fantastic news about your hygienist – I always love hearing those stories!

  2. Yay! All sounds wonderful! What a touching moment with your husband while reading the week by week book 🙂

  3. Twelve weeks has arrived. Congratulations. Are you taking photos of your little bump to watch it grow?

    Good luck with your ultrasound tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing some good news, maybe also seeing some cute little photos of the scan?

  4. Mel

    You are eating so well! I think my poor girl only got taco salads and m&m’s her entire gestation. Luckily, she seems unaffected by that these days as she happily slurps down sweet potatoes and broccoli with glee. 🙂

    So yay for 12 weeks! The cramping is normal as the uterus grows. I believe there are big spurt weeks, too, and I’m pretty sure the beginning of the 2nd trimester was one.

  5. Hooray, hooray for twelve weeks! By the way, the bleeding gums are also due to extra blood flow in your body from the pregnancy…

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