Breaking the silence…

Our ultrasound yesterday was perfect. It was at 8w4d, but bub is an overachiever, measuring 8w5d. Heart rate was 172 bpm. CRL was 20.2 mm. Bub is definitely out of “peanut” phase and into “gummie bear” phase, complete with stubby arms and legs. Much more recognizable- I could tell which end was the head even before the tech pointed it out. The only downside was they used a new machine which wasn’t yet hooked up to the printer, so we didn’t get a picture. But since we are going back (yet again) a week Tuesday (at 9w6d), the tech promised us a picture then. I swear this is going to be the most photographed bub while still in utero ever. I have a friend who went through the same clinic (got pregnant with an IUI) and even she didn’t end up with as many ultrasounds. Maybe they just monitor the IVF ones extra closely, I’m not sure.

Because of the new flat-screen monitor, and the chair placement, Q. could see the entire ultrasound. So while the tech was in the “don’t say anything and keep facial expression neutral while doing lots of clicking and beeping” phase, I watched Q. instead. And at one point I saw him sit back in his chair, drop his shoulders and nod. I knew then that our bub still had a heartbeat.

My doctor basically ran out of superlatives, and just sat there for about a minute telling me how perfect the baby looked and how wonderful it all was. I guess given his line of work he must spend a lot of time getting people pregnant only to have things look dodgy. He normally has a Father Christmas demeanour, but he is SO happy at our meetings now, it’s hilarious. He cleared me to exercise, so I’ll be able to get on our bike in our basement now. Also told me to start weaning off the metformin (that’s two medications I’m starting to stop now!). It’ll be weird to be off the metformin, seeing as I’ve been taking it off and on for two and a half years now.

So last night I screwed up my courage and told my parents (Q.’s mum is currently overseas, so we can’t tell her for another couple of weeks). That was the most fun I’ve had in ages! My mum and my step-dad both cried. My dad basically was speechless and couldn’t manage more than, “Well isn’t that just great news!” over and over for about twenty minutes. My stepmother was also really excited. They all know that we have been trying and having trouble, but we’ve deliberately been vague about the procedures. But they knew that this pregnancy was very much wanted and very hard to achieve. It was great- I phrased it by asking them what they were doing next May. With both sets I got detailed explanations about how they don’t know what they’re doing yet and how they don’t often plan that far ahead. Dad was talking about his freelance teaching schedule, Mum about the fact that she will still be at school. They had NO idea why I was asking. Then I asked if they wanted to come here to meet their grandchild. Freak outs ensued.

I was really nervous to tell them, and they have all been told that it is still early and sworn to secrecy. But I thought it was time. And, despite my irrational fears, I didn’t miscarry as soon as someone else knew.

My queasiness has pretty much gone away, but I feel ok about that as when I was talking to my mum it turns out that she was sick for a total of two days in one pregnancy (she has three kids) and her mum was never sick (and she has four kids). I do think I read somewhere that they suspect a genetic predisposition to morning sickness. Also Mum never got stretch marks- yay!

I’m starting to wonder if it’s possible that I’m showing. It’s hard to tell because of all the Fragmin swelling, but I do think the lower belly bulge is larger than it used to be. I also can’t figure out how I am not gaining weight given how much my bbs have changed. I think I’m going to need a new bra soon, but am hoping I can hang on until the second trimester.



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2 responses to “Breaking the silence…

  1. Oh, how wonderful that you were able to share it with the grandparents-to-be. So glad that the baby is still growing as it should – and that you can have frequent check-ups for reassurance.

  2. Yay! Cat’s out of the bag…let the fun begin!! And yes – it is entirely possible to start showing already! I started showing at around 8 weeks…and never looked back!
    Hugs to you, T. – Congrats again!!!

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