The weekly update

How far along? Seven weeks

Weight gained/lost this week? (Total weight change) +1 lb (-1 lb).

Maternity clothes? Nope. My black dress pants feel just a tiny bit tight, but I think that could be from the Fragmin swelling.

Physical signs? Bbs still look different, and I might have more visible veins (although it’s hard to see with all the hives).

Symptoms? Honestly, I don’t think I’ve had anything in the way of symptoms this week. Even the pressure in my abdomen isn’t very noticeable. Of course, this now means that I’m worried something has gone wrong.

Emotions? Frustration because of the allergic reaction. Definitely less anxiety this week after we had the first ultrasound, although I wouldn’t yet call myself relaxed or settled.

Medications? Synthroid 0.112 1x/day; Metformin 500 mg 3x/day; Fragmin 2500mg 1x/day; Slow release Aspirin 1x/day; Prednisone 3x/day; Progesterone suppositories 4x/day; Prometrium 3x/day; Estrace 2x/day; Pre-natal vitamin 2x/day

Side effects? So I finally kicked the insomnia problem…and then I started taking the prednisone three times a day, so now I’m back to waking up around 4 a.m. By far the worst side effect from any medication I’ve taken at any point in this process reared its ugly head this week: my body decided it had had enough of the PIO shots and told me this by breaking out in hives. In retrospect it started Sunday (6w4d), but I only realized how bad it was the next day. I think the new prednisone dose and the Benadryl is improving the situation, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I know they say that pregnancy makes your skin extra sensitive, so I am wondering if the sunburn I got on Sunday (which is probably the first burn I’ve had in three years- I am SO careful, and usually I just tan) was a trigger that upset my skin. It’s been a really rough couple of days. I keep having to tell myself that this does not mean I’m allergic to the baby. I cannot wait to get rid of some of these meds.

Sleep? Was sleeping well until prednisone dose was raised. Now back to waking up too early.

Best moment? Seeing the heartbeat on the ultrasound monitor. Coming home from my endocrinologist appointment to discover that Q. had put all three of our u/s photos on the fridge.

Movement? n/a

Food cravings/aversions? Nope. Still very little interest in eating anything sweet, which is rather unusual for me (not being one to say no to cake).

What I miss? Taking my skin for granted and assuming that the only thing I react to is poison ivy.

What I’m looking forward to? Our first midwife appointment on Friday. Getting far enough along that I can stop at least some of my medications.

Milestones? We have a heartbeat!

Pregnancy admin? Saw my endocrinologist, who sent me off to donate oodles of blood to the hospital lab. He’s raised my synthroid dose and figures it will have to go up again as the pregnancy progresses. I see him again in late October. (And, will wonders never cease, he actually said hello to me when he came into the room, called me by my name and asked what was new!)


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