My sister and I were having tea today and she said exactly the same thing that I have been thinking for the last couple of days: “It must be such a nice feeling to be able to tell people something like this and have them react instantly with just overwhelming joy and excitement. You’re spreading happiness everywhere you go right now!”

It’s true. One of the best parts of this pregnancy has been the reactions from others- from all of my blog friends, some of whom I’ve “known” for over two years now. From my infertility forum friends, all of whom I’ve met in “real life”, and who have been waiting with me for so long. From the few non-ttc friends who we’ve told about our struggles who have supported me, even though they couldn’t really understand what the procedures entailed, or just how big the toll was. From my two sisters, my best friends, who are the only ones in our families we’ve told, and who both burst into tears of joy when I told them the day we got the first positive test. (We all sat in the coffee shop and wept helplessly for a while. We got a lot of looks.)

I’m excited. Q.’s excited. But this outpouring of love and affection and excitement and JOY from those around us who know?

It blows my mind.

Thank you.



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7 responses to “Lucky

  1. Of course. We all love you. Sounds silly for people who have never even met…but my heart has been with yours. You are among of the few who knows what it has REALLY been like for me. A soft shoulder. A warm word. You’ve been great. And you deserve every happiness…

  2. You deserve every moment of happiness.

    And for me, it was amazing to realize just how many people CARED about our struggle. I had a friend who said almost EVERYTHING WRONG when we were trying burst into tears when I told her. I was shocked that she felt as deeply for us as she did.

    It was just unreal to see how many people cared about us and our struggle.

    SO thrilled for you, Turia.


  3. Wow, what a feeling. I love that sentiment, spreading happiness! Again, so happy for you.

    I hope to follow in your footsteps soon.

  4. It sounds wonderful. And that’s what we all hope for one day – to announce our pregnancies and have it be received with joy and happiness.
    I’m glad your announcing is giving you all the joy you deserve :).

  5. Yeah, there’s a lot of love out there for you! And that same love will multiply when your baby is here. Those who know of your struggle will appreciate your baby for the miracle s/he is. It’s a wonderful thing, and I’m truly, truly happy that you get to experience it. ENJOY!

  6. karen

    I haven’t been by your site in awhile so just saw the wonderful news!!! Am so excited i haven’t read the posts yet just had to tell you how happy i am for you! will go catch up now. All the very very best!!! karen

  7. karen

    Just a question about your synthroid. Have you increased your dose since you had the positive test? I had been told while TTC that I would have to increase my dose by about 1/3 when I became pregnant, and sure enough my TSH went from 0.02 a few weeks prior to conception to 5.6 a few weeks after before finding the right dose. My levels had been all over the place before so I didnt really have a stable baseline dose, but I was followed monthly during pregnancy and ended up increasing from 50mcg pre to 150 at the end of the pregnancy! My docs wanted to keep TSH below 2 during the pregnancy. Once I had my baby I decreased the dose back to baseline but have had to have close followup bc my levels have been a bit erratic again…
    Sorry to be babbling, but just want to be sure your thyroid is OK. Congratulations again!!!

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