Hodge podge

On Sunday night, before our second beta, I had the craziest dream. I dreamt that I was 16 weeks pregnant, and Q. had still gone away for the week, and the baby died because of a mistake made at the clinic, and it turns out there were a whole bunch of mistakes made that week, so I had to attend a meeting in the locker room (which our clinic does not have). It was an awful dream- I spent most of it sobbing and sobbing. Finally I woke up. Clearly I was having some anxiety about the beta.

Don’t tell Q., but I vacuumed the house yesterday. I didn’t drag any furniture around, and I put my feet up afterwards, but the dust bunnies were just too much. I’ve got people coming over this evening. I needed to not be able to knit a new cat from the fur lying around.

Had a chat to the nurse today while we doing my PIO shot about if/when I can switch to the suppositories. She said it’s possible, but it depends on my progesterone levels, and that often people end up with four suppositories a day, plus three pills. I think it might be easier to just stick with the PIO shots. She recommended epsom salts and hot water bottles for the bruising/lumps.

One of my cats has been having jealousy issues ever since our other cat came back from the vet with a diagnosis that requires daily medication. In order to make this a pleasant experience, we’re using the Greenies Pill Pockets, which are thus far (knock wood) doing an amazing job. But while I suspect our cat wouldn’t be jealous if we’d gone with the alternative (getting the meds in a liquid form and shoving a syringe down our other cat’s throat every day), she can’t stand seeing the other cat get some sort of treat that she doesn’t get. Even though the treat is nothing more than a bribe to hide a big pill. So now both cats get treats first thing in the morning. Sigh. The jealous cat is going to be a nightmare if/when we end up with a baby, as she is super attached to me.

Q. was making jokes when we first found out that he had to ring up the really elitist private school to put our baby’s name down. Since he knows our baby will go to that type of school over my dead body, it was pretty funny. But no joke- I am already trying to get in touch with a group of midwives. Apparently midwives are so in demand in my city (as they are covered by our provincial health insurance) that if you call after 5 weeks there often isn’t any room for you! The group I want have hospital privileges at the nearest hospital, which is also a good hospital. And they are really near to where we live. They would be perfect. I’ve got no idea if I have any reason to be considered a high risk pregnancy or not, but if I wait to ask my f/s that at the appointment with the first ultrasound, I’ll miss my chance. So I figure I’ll try to book with them now, and I can always cancel if my f/s says that I’ll have to go with an obstetrician.

Waiting on the results from my third beta this morning, and hoping I haven’t jinxed myself with all this talk of midwives…


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  1. Oh man. Awful dream. But I remember the anxiety like it was yesterday. I really honestly didn’t believe I was going to actually bring home a baby until the day my water broke and I was in the hospital listening to O’s heartbeat on the monitors.

    My mantra for the whole pregnancy was “there’s nothing to indicate that this will not work out.” And that’s where you are now. I’ll bet that this beta will come back nice and strong.

    Easy for me to say, since I’m fresh with optimism, right? 🙂

    Fingers crossed.

    (Oh, and meant to respond to your comment on my blog. I think right now, realistically, I’m looking at finishing this half in 2:05. Which, given that my first one was 2:18? I’ll TOTALLY take shaving a minute per mile off my last half time and be happy about it.

    For me now, my goal really is about running the whole time and feeling like I finished the half STRONG. I intend on running more races in the future – this isn’t my last half, not by a long shot. So don’t worry! :))

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