IVF #2- 12dp5dt- Well, I’ll be damned

So here’s the thing. At our transfer the f/s said we should come back for the beta 10-12 days later. Today is 12 days, so Q. and I planned that we should test at home on Thursday (10 days) just to see where we were at.

That test was a clear bfn, which fit with how I was generally feeling about the whole thing. So we pretty much gave up hope. We got a touch cavalier in the last couple of days- we ate vegetarian sushi last night, and this morning I had a mug of tea with caffeine in it. And then I went and did the groceries (including brie and af supplies, ’cause, you know, I wasn’t pregnant) and CARRIED them home. Mostly in a backpack, and the shop is only 500 metres from our house, but in retrospect this was a stupid move.

And the reason it was so stupid is that the clinic called at lunchtime (which lends weight to my theory of how they order their calls) and I’m PREGNANT!

Beta was 232, which at 17dpo, I think is a good number without being an outrageously high one. Not that I know anything about beta numbers. I have to go back in again on Monday.

So now I have two days in which  I need to try to NOT freak out that I’ve just fucked everything up with my grocery lunacy. I haven’t, right? If the beta goes wrong on Monday there could be loads of other reasons other than my determination to carry the milk, right? People do stupid things all the time and still get to be pregnant, yes?

Things I have learned from this, however:

1. Dollar store pregnancy tests are not worth the $1.25 they cost.

2. Act pregnant until you get the final call saying you are not pregnant, no matter how convinced you are and what the tests say.

3. The insane dizziness/head rushes might not be entirely a result of the blood thinners.

4. When in doubt, look at lesson #2 again.

I think Q. and I are in total shock.


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11 responses to “IVF #2- 12dp5dt- Well, I’ll be damned

  1. Lesley

    Yahooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! I am thrilled for you, T!!!!!!

  2. WOW!!! Congrats! I’m sure the grocery carrying didn’t affect things one bit, and don’t worry about the sushi at all (especially vegetarian).
    I’m so excited for you – can’t wait to hear about the second beta!

  3. Best news I’ve heard today! Congrats!

  4. Delurking to wish you congratulations! Don’t worry about what you’ve done over the last couple of days, a little caffeine or a trip to the grocery store won’t have done anything. Good luck, I hope you get a nice doubling number.

  5. Congratulations! You’re pregnant! I am quite sure that you haven’t done anything in the slightest to harm your little one. Fingers crossed for a good Beta #2

  6. Shauna

    CONGRATS!! I’ve lurked around the IF community blogs for a bit (I’m about two years into my own struggle) and I’m so thrilled for you! You deserve all this joy and happiness and I am going to be hoping for a strong beta #2! Best wishes to you!!!

  7. Mel

    Reading this post was one of the highlights of my weekend… I wasn’t able to catch back up and comment today, but I did read it via my mobile reader Sat night and literally cheered out loud and shared with my husband your good news. I cannot express how excited I am about this… the feeling of FINALLY getting pregnant after nothing but failures is simply impossible to put in to words or to harness in any way. ENJOY IT. I am praying for you and that little baby.

  8. suzanne

    Wow!! I am about 3 days ahead of you in the process (my retrieval was on 15 August), and I had the same experience with the dollar store HPTs!!! I was so convinced that we were done, but then the beta came back positive. Mine was a little low but has been increasing quite nicely. Go and buy the test! It is the awesomest thing to see the two lines. Congrats!

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