IVF #2- 8dp5dt- Reality check

After I wrote that post yesterday I remembered that I had experienced cramping after my first round of IVF. So I went back through my old entries and found this post, which was written at the exact same point in the cycle. I was stunned at how what I’d written echoed how I was currently feeling, right down to the constant running off to the loo to see if af was here.

That really settled me down with the stupid daydreaming. We all know how that cycle finished up, and I feel EXACTLY the same as I did then. I don’t know why I get the cramping after the fresh cycles but not the FETs. Maybe it has something to do with having gone through the actual process of growing eggs. Who knows. It gets worse throughout the day, and is awful when I first wake up. Then Q. gives me my progesterone injection, and it eases off. It really feels like af is trying to break through, and the meds are the only thing stopping it.

So I’m putting my prediction in now that Saturday’s result is going to be just like it always is- negative.

I realized on the weekend that the nurse who packed up my meds on that last day before trigger (the one who only gave me three vials of progesterone when I’d paid for, and needed, four), didn’t give me enough Frag.min either. She had me pay for a box, but there are only 10 needles in a box. Now this isn’t a problem, because I had six leftover from the last FET which were still good, so I just used them up first. And it wouldn’t have been a disaster, as I could have gone into the clinic to buy more (although I would have been some ticked at the waste of my time). But there are people at that clinic who drive a long way to get there. How hard is it to figure out that if the patient has a 14 day wait until beta, they need more than 10 needles?

Got on the scale this morning and discovered that I’m noticing the same weird weight loss that happened with the last FET (which I think is from the pred.nisone/met.formin combination). I’ve lost four pounds in the last week, and not very much of that can be considered IVF bloat, as most of that had gone by last week when I weighed myself the day after transfer. I suppose the good news is now I’m only one pound heavier than I was before our trip overseas, even if I’ve lost heaps of muscle tone. But I do wish I’d stop randomly losing weight during these twws. I know it sends the wrong signal to my body.



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2 responses to “IVF #2- 8dp5dt- Reality check

  1. wait, prednisone makes you *lose* weight? well, enjoy it, because you’re the only one.

    that’s annoying about the pharmacy mistakes. the mail-order place i’m required to use send me too few ganirelix shots. since i had refills and my copay is small (and i noticed in time) it wasn’t a huge deal, but c’mon. these things matter!

    hoping you’re wrong with all the af talk.

  2. I’m still holding out hope for you. I hope you get a wonderful surprise on Saturday.

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