IVF #2- 4dp5dt

A typical morning.

Me: Gosh, here I am typing/reading/whatever after breakfast and I don’t think I feel cramping anymore. I don’t think my bbs are sore anymore, either. Maybe I’ll just sit quietly for a while and pay attention to my body.

Brain: Crap. Crap! She’s sitting quietly and paying attention again.

Uterus and BBs: Again?! How annoying.

Brain: Well, we’ve got to do something about it. We can’t have her sitting quietly, paying attention to her body for the whole day. We’ve got things to do!  What have you got for us, uterus?

Uterus: I suppose I could try to rustle up some cramping. I wasn’t planning on any today though. It’s a bit of pain.

Brain: Nope, cramping is good. BBs? What about you?

BBs: I suppose we could hurt for a while. And then we could do that thing where when she takes her shower we look super dark, but it turns out to just be the lighting in the bathroom when she gets out and looks in the mirror.

Brain: Excellent, excellent! That’s a classic.

Stomach (chiming in): I could aim for some nausea.

Brain: Yes! Nausea is always a good one. And I’ll see if we can’t manage more dizziness and head rushes- she knows they’re from the drugs as she’s had them since the retrieval, but she still notices when they happen. Let’s put this plan into action, team!

Uterus: cramp cramp cramp

BBs: twinge, ache, pinch

Stomach: churn

Me: I hate you all.


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3 responses to “IVF #2- 4dp5dt

  1. Mel

    Hahaha… being a girl freaking sucks.

    So, just catching up on everything. Glad to hear the retrieval and transfer went relatively well. Continued prayers a positive thinking for a POSITIVE result to this round.

  2. Oh, T – you’re hilarious!! Hang in there, okay? I know it’s hard…ugh, SO hard!!! But think positively – as smarmy as this sounds, you just have to “let go and let God…” I know, I know…don’t want to come off too preachy….but that really helped me in my tww. I’ve been thinking about you all week…sending hugs,

  3. I can’t believe all I’ve missed over here! You’ve really been busy. Sorry I haven’t been very supportive. I’ll be sure to check in more often! I hope everything goes smoothly, and all the paying attention to your body leads to a BFP here in a few days! Good luck waiting, I can’t imagine how awful it must be.

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