IVF #2- 1dp5dt- some good news

The clinic froze two blastocysts today. I was so relieved when I heard that that I forgot to ask some key questions (were they graded? are they frozen together, or separately?), so I’ve had to leave a message to see if anyone will give me more information (really, I wish they would just email me a scan of the embryo report. I LIKE hard numbers.).

So that is a big relief. No matter what happens with the fresh transfer, at least we should have a FET up our sleeves.

Thank you all for your experiences with freezing on Day 6- it made me feel a lot better to see that it is relatively common. I was starting to wonder if it was going to be a “pity freeze” as BionicBabyMama called it.

And I feel better, too, after Serenity’s statistics on attrition rates- ours was 77%. So it may be that getting four blasts from 17 Day 3 embryos is an ok result.

It’s hard though. I’m greedy. I was hoping for more. Don’t get me wrong- I am so thankful we had any blasts, and having some to freeze is a huge relief. But I’m used to our embryos being our strength. Sure, I need heaps of drugs to ovulate, and my thyroid is a mess, and I have some endo lurking around, and my uterus seems to reject anything we put in it, and for some reason Q’s millions and millions of swimmers can’t fertilize my eggs without help, but when it all comes together, we make GOOD embryos. Our Day 3 quality has been amazing, both times.

So I think I just got a bit too excited, a bit too confident. But I am working hard on concentrating on the positives- that these four are the survivors- the toughest, healthiest of the lot. That we’ve done everything possible to make my uterus an enticing home for them. That as far as we can tell there is no good reason to think that I am incapable of carrying a child to term, so if one of our two does stick, it could really lead to a baby. (Because I’m at that point where I find it hard to believe that transfers lead to pregnancies and babies. And don’t even get me started on people who get pregnant from actually having sex. That’s too weird!)

The ovary pain has pretty much entirely subsided now, which is great news. I’m still a touch bloated, so I’m keeping up the Gato.rade, but otherwise I’m easing back into a more normal diet, as I think all the salt might now be overkill. And I am still SO hot after I’ve eaten. Doesn’t matter what it is- I end up roasting. Still getting loads of dizziness and low lying nausea, which I’ve had since the retrieval, so things are obviously not quite back to normal yet. But all in all I’m feeling more like myself.

Thank you to whoever submitted my transfer news to LFCA! It was a nice surprise to see it listed there! (And hello and thank you to everyone who came over and read or commented.)


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2 responses to “IVF #2- 1dp5dt- some good news

  1. How great that there were 2 to freeze! That means the ones they transferred must also be good quality!!!

  2. I think that having four beautiful blastocysts from an IVF cycle is awesome. Not to mention that you transferred two, which means that you have a really good chance of getting pregnant in THIS cycle.

    Because honestly, if you get pregnant with one or two from this cycle? It will change how you look at your embryos, and maybe less will be better at some point in the future.

    I am feeling really good about this cycle, Turia. Fingers tightly crossed.


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