IVF #2- transfer report

Here is what you DON’T want to hear your f/s say as she peruses the report from the lab:

“So we’re not freezing any today then.”

Q. and I both absolutely freaked out inside when we heard that, but things turned out to be not quite as bad as we feared.

A significant number of our embryos stalled after they were checked on Day 3. I still don’t have a precise count on just how many were still going when they were checked on Saturday morning, but the report today showed that one stalled at 6 cells, two at 8 cells, and four (possibly five?) stalled at twelve.

We had two very nice looking early stage blastocysts to transfer. They were too early to be graded, so hopefully they are good ones.

And we have six currently sitting in the morula stage, which is where they should have been on Day 4. So what the clinic is going to do is culture them until tomorrow, and then freeze any that make it to blast. They said this is relatively common and that they’ve had good success rates with Day 6 freezing, but I don’t know how much of that was just putting a good spin on the situation. There was noticeably less of a party atmosphere in the room today than there usually is when people discuss our embryos.

It could be that they’re all just a little slow to get started…or it could be that they’re going to fail to develop any further. We have to wait until tomorrow (or possibly Wednesday morning) for the clinic to tell us the result.

It certainly wasn’t what we were expecting. Since this is our first time going to blast, we have no idea if it is normal to lose that many embryos, or what the significance of having slowpokes could be. Q. and I are in agreement that we made the right decision- it would have been ridiculous to freeze 13+ embryos on Day 3. We’ve already transferred six Day 3 embryos into my uterus, and nothing has stuck. We needed to try something different. We gambled on the blastocysts.

I just really really hope some of them are good enough to freeze tomorrow so that the two floating around in my uterus now aren’t all we have to show for this cycle.

Does anyone out there know anything about Day 6 freezing, or has some success stories for me?

Beta is in 12 days.

One (or more) of my meds is giving me the weirdest side effect- I overheat any time I eat anything. Yesterday at lunch it got so bad Q. made me get a thermometer, as he said I felt like I was burning up (but I wasn’t running a fever). Even just eating a couple of crackers causes me to start sweating. Strange, no?


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6 responses to “IVF #2- transfer report

  1. we haven’t defrosted any yet, but i know they froze 2 of ours on day 6. we had many frozen on day 5 (and no intention of ever having a reality show about the lesbian family with 13 kids), so they wouldn’t have done a “pity freeze” or something. i think, therefore, that if they look good on day 6, it’s not significantly different from looking good on day 5.

    as for the heat — tell me about it. it’s only gotten worse since getting knocked up, too. i usually handle heat very well — it helps that i live in a climate considerably cooler than where i grew up — but this summer has been like living in my own personal oven. i thought i might literally die on the hottest days (really).

  2. I have no experience with the freezing but wanted to say congrats on the transfer and hopefully a few of them will make it to freeze!

  3. My RE waits till Day 6 to freeze too-that way, they are the best possible quality and have the best chance for thawing. GL!

  4. Well…you know my story, so you know that I know nothing about blasts…but I just wanted to send you a cyberhug and some good luck dust…stay positive, and start the countdown! Twelve days until that BFP!!!

  5. Our clinic waited until DAy 6 to freeze ours as well. From what I read on blasts, apparently 70-85% don’t make it from Day 3 to Day 6 – they stall out like yours did. Doesn’t neccessarily mean that they wouldn’t have done anything in your uterus; the culture medium is different than you.

    But the ones who make it to blast are “survivors” which means better thaw rates, etc.

    Fingers crossed, you know. I’m very hopeful.


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