IVF #2- Blastocysts are go!

The clinic called this morning around 8:45. The nurse opened with “I’ve got good news!” The f/s who is filling in for my usual one had reviewed our embryo report and decided that we are “perfect” candidates to go to blast. I wasn’t able to get precise numbers out of the nurse, as I guess she didn’t have the report in front of her, but she said that we had “lots and lots” of “really high quality” embryos.

We ended up going in to the clinic anyway, as I woke up this morning with a lot of bloat, a fair amount of pain, and significant nausea (the pain and the nausea were new from this morning- I was fine yesterday and Thursday). When I reported all of this to the nurse, she figured I should come in for an ultrasound just to be safe.

The other good news is that the ultrasound showed almost no fluid, so the Dost.inex and my salt/protein/Gato.rade diet is working. The u/s tech (who is not supposed to say anything, but she does, so I love her) said to me that she was really happy with how I looked, given how many eggs they retrieved. (When I turned up for the ultrasound she took one look at my chart, snorted, and said, “Yep, honey- have you gone and done bloods to test for hyper-stimulation?”) She said the reason I’m in so much discomfort is simply because my ovaries are so enlarged and angry right now, and all I can do is keep taking the Dost.inex and try not to stress them.

Q. and I waited around to see the f/s, as I was hoping we could see the embryo report, but I guess it was still in the lab. When she came in, she said, “Oh, it’s so nice to meet you! I’ve been hearing about your fantastic embryos all morning! They’re just wonderful!” She said we have at least 10 that are Grade 1 or 2, but I figure we must have more than that, given we started with 17, and last time all six of our embryos survived to Day 3 as Grade 1 or 1/2. Without the report, it’s hard for her to remember. She was certainly thrilled with the result.

She reiterated the same thing the u/s tech said- don’t stress my body, or do anything that could lead the ovaries to twist (as that would be awful), and keep doing what I’m doing. Because I’m a relatively skinny person, she said there just isn’t much room for my ovaries right now, so they’re pushing up against other organs and just generally making my life miserable.

I got the usual, “You’re so young!” from her when she was saying that we’re a perfect candidate to go to blast. These sorts of comments really annoy me. I don’t feel all that young anymore. It will be three years in October that we started trying to get pregnant. I wanted to be DONE having my babies by the time I turned 31. But I suppose in the grand scheme of things in that clinic, I am still a baby. (This was brought home to me during the retrieval when the nurse was telling me that they had 17 egg donors going through the clinic that week. Each egg donor would help two couples, so we’re talking 34 couples in one week who needed eggs from someone else. Granted, I know there are other reasons why people might need egg donation, but it really did remind me that a lot of women end up at that clinic because they just wait too long, for whatever reason, to get started.)

So transfer is set for Monday at around 11:45. I’m excited to actually get a full report on the blasts, and to see how many survived and what quality they are. I would LOVE to get enough to have a few FETs up our sleeves. Q. mainly wants to know if he can take them to the zoo so they won’t feel they’re suffering parental neglect…

I checked out my E2 levels while waiting to see the doctor (I am terrible for grabbing my chart and just sitting there openly reading it). When we triggered for the IVF conversion last year, my E2 was 15,600 ish on the day we triggered. This time around, it was 14,987 the day that my f/s debated triggering and then decided (without the blood work having come back) that I should go one more day. When we did trigger, it was 24,007. (I don’t know how they measure this- I know there are different ways and some end up with much higher numbers than others.) Anyway- it seems pretty high, and I guess that explains where all those eggs came from.

And I was right- the u/s scans for those days leading up to the decision to trigger consistently showed 18-20 follicles. So either he wasn’t recording all of them, or the other 12 were a surprise bonus. I guess some of those twelve were the seven that weren’t mature, so they didn’t get written down because they were so small.

End result is all good news: we’re going to blast, our embryos are superstars and the whole clinic is talking about them, and I currently do not have OHSS, no matter how yucky I feel.

Bring on Monday!



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4 responses to “IVF #2- Blastocysts are go!

  1. AWESOME News!!! Take it easy! I’ll be looking for a follow up post in a few days. Positive thoughts coming your way!

  2. Good quality embryos are a GOOD thing. And I’m happy to hear that you’re not exibiting any signs of OHSS. I’m glad they are taking the right precautions. 🙂

    Fingers still crossed, you know.


  3. All I can say is – YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! So happy for you, T – take care of yourself this weekend and let Q. pamper you!!!

  4. What a fanstatic report that is a outcome I only dream of.

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