IVF #2- Day 15- Retrieval report

34 eggs. Can’t say I was expecting that.

I am in a really bad state. I needed a lot of medication to get through the procedure- they gave it to me too early and then my f/s didn’t show up, so it wore off and I needed more. As a result I’m still (five hours after we finished) nauseous when I sit up. I’ve thrown up everything I’ve tried to eat- the first was half a sandwich and an oatmeal raisin cookie after the procedure. That was stupid, but I felt fine until I had to move and get home. My main goal was to avoid vomiting in the cab, which I did manage. But I’ve also just failed to keep down some plain crackers and Gat.orade, which is more of a worry.

I’m obviously a giant OHSS risk, as they made Q. buy the medication to try to counteract its effects (Dost.inex) before we left the clinic.

This is much much harder than last time. I’ll try to come on tomorrow to post with a full report, as long as I’m feeling better. I just didn’t want to go a whole day without letting you know how things went.


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4 responses to “IVF #2- Day 15- Retrieval report

  1. Wow! 34 eggs is huge! Congratulations! But I do understand the ohss risks and hope you don’t have too much trouble with it. I had ohss myself and it sucked. So good luck, I really hope you don’t get it too badly.

  2. Crap. I’m sorry you are overstimulated.

    And honestly, I’m sort of pissed at your clinic. How the heck did they NOT see 14 more than what they expected? After 13 days of stimming? What was your E2? Did they NOT see that you were a risk?


    Okay, vent at your clinic on your behalf is over.

    Hang in there, sweetie. Rest, rest, REST.



  3. Wow–34 eggs?!?!? Hang in with the OHSS. Take good care of yourself.

  4. So sorry you are sick!!!! I hope it’s subsiding and you’re feeling better today. At least you got a lot of eggs out of it!

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