IVF #2- Day 10

Not a whole lot to report from today’s visit. My eggies are still growing, albeit slowly. Most of them are floating around at the 14/13 mark. On the IVF conversion we were at 18/17 by this stage, so I’m definitely running a couple of days behind, and I think it’s possible that my ovaries preferred the Pure.gon protocol to this Gon.al F/ Repro.nex combination.

My f/s doesn’t seem worried about it. He says my uterine lining looks great, and my estradiol is right where he wants it to be. He did up both drugs, so today’s dose was 225 Gon.al F and 375 Repro.nex, just to make sure that nothing stalls.

He asked the lab to check my TSH, and someone should call me today to let me know where it’s sitting. I’ll be relieved no matter what the result is- if it’s still fine, I’ll know that the extra half-dose I’ve been taking every couple of days is doing its job, and if it’s crept up, we’ll have caught it in plenty of time to fix it before the transfer.

Other than that, I am still bloated and becoming progressively more sore and irritable. There has been a fair amount of emotional eating happening over the last couple of days, and I’m just letting it go, and doing whatever I need to get through these last few days before the retrieval. My main goal is to get to the retrieval feeling as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This is proving to be quite a challenge, given I feel ENORMOUS at the moment with all the bloat, but I just keep reminding myself it’s all temporary.



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2 responses to “IVF #2- Day 10

  1. Hang in there – it’s only a couple more days. Don’t sweat being a little behind – you definitely want slow and steady. Good quality eggs, here – that’s what we’re shooting for.

    Fingers crossed.


  2. Leslie

    Just stumbled upon your blog….I’ve enjoyed reading your journey……it’s all too eerily familiar to me……I’m in 2ww of IVF #1 right now…..and I’m also feeling quite enormous and bloated at the moment…. the highs and lows of this whole experience are unparalleled…..I look forward to reading more from you.

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