IVF #2- Day 9- still running behind

Clinic again this morning. I’ll be there daily now until the retrieval (which is now looking more likely to be Tuesday rather than Monday). I had my favourite u/s tech this morning. I think she’s the boss of all the u/s ladies. I really trust her. And she’s often chatty about what she’s seeing, which is nice (especially since there are always signs up saying in big letters that u/s techs are NOT ALLOWED to discuss results with patients).

She told me that I was doing really well. She liked the number of follies and their size. Then she switched over to the left ovary, and started taking an awful of pictures and measurements. She said IVF cycles are like metal- there’s a shiny side and rough side. The shiny side is that I’m doing really well, but the rough side is that I’m probably starting not to feel all that great.

She hit that nail right on the head. I am queen of the bloat at the moment. My abdomen is so tight and swollen, and I can feel the “hot rocks” impersonation starting in my ovaries that I remembered from last time. I am drinking Gat.orade (blech- that stuff is so gross, even the low sugar version) and trying to eat loads of protein. I’m also craving sugar in a really big way- I’m not sure why. Possibly this is still left over from my less than stellar eating habits while on the trip.

So, the results from the u/s were that I’ve got one follie at 15, one at 13, and then a whole slew at 12, 11 and 10 (plus some smaller underachievers). My f/s wants them bigger at this stage, so he upped the Repro.nex again (now I’m on four vials). I get the feeling we started this cycle with me slightly understimmed, but we’ve never used Repro.nex with me before, so we weren’t to know. My follies haven’t yet caught up from that very first ultrasound after the first couple of days of stimming.

It’s not going to cause a major problem if we end up doing the retrieval on Day 14 or 15 (which would be 15 or 16 of my actual cycle), right? You only start to worry about stimming the eggs for too long if you go a week or so long, yes? My f/s doesn’t seem too stressed about the whole issue, so I am trying not to be as well.

Tomorrow I’m going to push to have my TSH tested again. We know it was back in the normal range at the start of stims. I know that stimming is hard on your TSH, and I have been taking extra half pills every couple of days to try and counter this. But I want to check that it’s working. If it’s slipped out of the normal range again, I want enough time to bring it back down before the transfer. Hopefully my f/s won’t challenge me on this, given we disagree on the relevance of one’s TSH to one’s chances of getting pregnant.

I am just now remembering how much TIME all of this takes. I guess we’ve only done FETs in the last year, and they are so much easier in the lead up. I was at the clinic for almost three hours this morning. I am so thankful I don’t have a 9 to 5 job while we do this, but at the same time, I have school things I should be doing, and it is really messing with my schedule to lose my mornings (which is when I am normally most productive).

Right now my plan is just to try to stay as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and get through to the retrieval. And I’m really hoping my follies pull up their socks and get growing!


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  1. I stimmed for 13 full days during my last IVF cycle, and all I heard was “slow and steady is a GOOD thing.” It really is, in this case – you’re doing fine.

    Sucks that it’s so uncomfortable, though!


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