IVF #2- Day Seven- We’re in business!

This morning I realized I was feeling just a touch out of sorts. A bit bloated, a bit tight through the middle, some heaviness in my abdomen. And I figured that maybe my digestion was getting out of balance, and I should start paying more attention to how much fibre I’m eating.

Then I went to the clinic and had an ultrasound where the tech just kept taking pictures, and measuring, and taking pictures, and measuring. For what felt like AGES.

So while I was waiting to see my f/s, I had a look at my chart. I realized that the slightly uncomfortable feeling was not, in fact, due to my digestion. It was my ovaries. They liked the increase in drugs. I’ve got more than 10 follicles on each ovary, all measuring between 10 and 6.

My f/s has increased my dose of Repro.nex again, as he thought the follies were still a bit small for this stage in the cycle. I just checked back through my blog, and this is the day last April we were told we’d have to convert to IVF or cancel the cycle. At that point my follies were measuring 12 to 9. So he’s right that they’re a little behind, but he seems confident they’ll catch right up, and overall he said he was really really pleased with how I’m going.

I had a competent nurse this time, so no difficulties with the jab, and I got out in 90 minutes, and I’d eaten breakfast, so it was a much better day. I go back in on Thursday and after that I think I’ll be going in every day until the retrieval, which is probably going to be next Monday (although Sunday and Tuesday are also possibilities).

On the way home I picked up some Gator.ade (the stuff with no sugar), and I ate chicken for lunch. Time to get serious about the protein, me thinks.


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2 responses to “IVF #2- Day Seven- We’re in business!

  1. Just catching up. I’m happy to hear that you’re thinking the running will work out, and THRILLED to hear how you’re progressing. I definitely think you should take it easy while your ovaries are ramping up and a few days after the retrieval – just listen to your body, you know?

    That way you’ll have your runs for YOU if/when you need it. Nice and slow, but you can find your Zen.

    Either way, my fingers are crossed for you!!!


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