Still no straight answers

Sometimes it is really hard to get a straight answer out of my f/s. And sometimes, I don’t think he’s doing it intentionally- I think it’s that he really doesn’t know.

I went back in to the clinic today and discovered that my body has, in fact, decided NOT to ovulate (surprise surprise), so I’m going to start the bcps now and stay on them until we’re ready to start the IVF process in late July/early August.

My TSH is a bit lower than it should be, so I’m tweaking my meds (yet again). I’d rather it was low than high, although this maybe explains where some of my anxiety has been coming from.

I now know that Q’s abnormal result on the FISH test does not mean that our odds of having a baby with genetic problems have been increased by 50%. I know that we still have good odds of having a “normal” baby. I know that most men at our clinic who did this test did not end up with Q’s result.

But I still can’t quantify the result, as became clear when I came home and Q. asked questions to which I didn’t have answers. My f/s does not know if this is a permanent result, or if it can get better or worse as Q. gets older. And he didn’t tell me whether our odds have gone up by 1% or 0.1% or 10%.

So I think we’re still on the fence as to whether we’ll undergo PGS (pre-implantation genetic screening- they actually test every single chromosome). We have a couple of options: test all the embryos (which would require freezing them all on Day 5); transfer two fresh and test the others, either right away or if the fresh embies don’t make it; or don’t test and just take our chances.

I don’t really know what to think.  The FISH test is so new, that a year ago we probably wouldn’t have even been offered it. So we wouldn’t have known about this issue with chromosome 21, and we would have proceeded without any more testing. And the PGS is brand new too- our clinic isn’t even offering the screening until August. So a part of me wonders if my clinic wants/needs guinea pigs so they can get results and form studies. I understand that. But I also don’t want to spend another couple of thousand dollars if this is a very vague hypothetical chance. There comes a time when having more information can be paralyzing, rather than helpful.

My f/s made it clear that he is willing to proceed without doing the screening, which suggests to me that our odds can’t be that bad. The question is whether Q. and I can handle the guilt if we face a medical termination at a later point for something which we could have prevented by screening earlier.

And now I’m into the whole “designer babies” issue. When did getting pregnant get so damn complicated?


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2 responses to “Still no straight answers

  1. Mel

    Good night, complicated! I am overwhelmed just reading all this, I cannot imagine how much you must feel LIVING it. I remember when our first RE offered to spin the husband’s sperm to help improve the odds for the (MAYBE) baby’s gender to be one or the other and my eyes about bugged out of my head. Managing ovulation seems too manipulate, nevermind attempting to determine the gender. Sheesh.

    I always err on the side of less is more. The least amount of intervention needed, the better. But you know that you have to sit, mull it over with Q, and only decide what is best for you based on the data you have. I certainly wish you the BEST of luck making that decision.

  2. Wow! That’s so much information to weigh! Good luck with this process. It’s never easy, but all this additional info seems like it’s not so helpful (at least when it comes to making decisions easily). Praying for you to feel at peace with whatever decision you make.

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