An unexpected visitor

Something odd happened yesterday. Q. and I were out of the city, having a day free from work responsibilities, and I was just not enjoying it. I was irritated by everything. I kept thinking I was going to cry (and I did, once, when I slipped on some ice on a path in the woods and fell over).  And even though I KNEW I was in a stinker of a mood, I could not get myself out of it. Poor Q. was really confused (especially since he’d cooked me this huge breakfast so he knew it wasn’t blood sugar issues).

This morning Iwoke up to see that AF had come, and suddenly it all made sense. I always have a day where I’m irrationally angry/tearful, wonder what on earth is going on, and then it turns out to be af. So my behaviour wasn’t really the odd thing.

It was this: I got af. On my own. Without any drugs. Only five and a bit weeks after my last af from the failed transfer.

This marks only the second time in years that I’ve got af without being on the pill. The other was last August, and that I chalked up to breakthrough bleeding since it had been a couple of months since the failed IVF.

But this time almost looks, well, like a normal person’s schedule.

So I’m a bit confused about what’s going on. Did I ovulate two weeks ago? If so, holy cow! If I didn’t, why is af here so soon?

I don’t expect for a minute that Q. and I will get pregnant naturally after all of this- even if by some miracle I did ovulate, there’s still the fertilization issue.

But hey, in a couple of weeks, we’ll give it our best shot.

And, when it all turns out to be nothing, we’ve got our schedule for the next IVF. It took me ages to pin down my f/s (we kept playing phone tag and then he talked to Q. who, of course, didn’t know the right questions), and I think he was a little confused why we wanted such precise dates (we have a busy summer coming up). But finally we figured it out.

So. In late April I’ll go in and we’ll start bcps. Mid-May I’ll get af and start Lupron. Retrieval and transfer at the end of May. Beta in June.

Fingers crossed.



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3 responses to “An unexpected visitor

  1. It sounds like you did ovulate. That’s good to know!
    You know, I’ve heard of AF appearing like clockwork after a failed IVF. I’ve even heard of someone getting pregnant on that cycle….so you never know!
    Good luck :).

  2. Who can ever explain why the body behaves the way it does? IFers know their bodies better than any demographic out there that’s for sure.
    Fingers crossed for you!

  3. Just wondering how you are doing. Ben thinking about you!

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