Umm…I thought we were getting a break?

Q. and I were discussing when we wanted to do this next FET. We’d decided on December because semester will be over and I can literally spend the entire two weeks resting at home. Next semester is crunch time for me, as my comprehensive exams are coming up in April, so there would be no way for me to a) take the two weeks off and b) stop stressing long enough to give any embryos a chance.

Then we started looking at December, and realizing that we needed to get the whole tww over and done with before the Christmas festivities start (which involve relatives visiting us, and us visiting relatives, etc.). And then, given our last experience, I realized we needed at least a couple of days AFTER the beta result in case we had to go back in again to confirm either good or bad news.

The end result was when af finally turned up and I went back into the clinic last Friday, we scheduled the FET for the 4th of December. And I thought, holy crap! That’s soon!

Yep. I am on bcps for 12 days, and then the madness starts up all over again. The only good thing is I might get my drug-induced energy back again. I’ve been feeling really smug all semester about how well I’ve been balancing everything… and then I absolutely CRASHED in the last week. Turns out my “balancing” act was entirely due to the steroids my f/s was making me take. But I’ve started them up again, so I’m expecting to bounce through the rest of November, if nothing else.

My f/s is not too pleased with the last result. He wants to up the Frag.min and the pio- which to me suggests that he isn’t convinced that I just got unlucky last time. It turns out my second beta wasn’t really negative- it was 4- still climbing, but much too slowly.  Anyway, I’m going to be dosed up to eyeballs this time around (whee), so we’ll see if that has an effect.

On the weekend I finally went running again. And with the first two steps I realized that you can’t stick needles in your ass for almost three weeks, take a week off, and then expect all the bruising to have gone away. I was ok, and I was able to keep running. But my butt wasn’t happy about the whole thing, and it let me know. (The run was also awful, given I have not been running for a month. It is so depressing how quickly you lose fitness.)

The other good news from the clinic was we tested my TSH again (I think my f/s has just given up arguing with me on this one, and rings up the blood lab the moment I start to open my mouth), and it came back at 0.7, which is absolutely ideal. It literally couldn’t be better. Fingers crossed this new level of meds actually keeps me there and balanced. I’m sick of it bouncing around like a damn yoyo.

So, it looks like we’re going to be back on the roller coaster sooner than expected. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. And try to enjoy the ride…



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2 responses to “Umm…I thought we were getting a break?

  1. Ashley

    Good luck honey! YOu are in my thoughts and prayers;)

  2. Mel

    Break? What’s that?


    Maybe this timing is completely fortuitous. I hope so.

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