When PIO shots become a real PITA

There isn’t all that much to report at chez Turia. Wednesday is beta day, and it’s a lot closer than it used to be, which is good. At the moment, I’m expecting a bfn, but I can’t tell if I really think it’s a bfn, or if I’m just telling myself that’s what I think it is in a futile effort to guard against despair if that turns out to be the case. I think I’m driving Q. nuts. I keep telling him I don’t think I’m pregnant, and he keeps telling me, “But you’ve never been pregnant before, so how are you supposed to know what it feels like?” Damn that man and his sensible attitude.

One of the drugs has been giving me pretty bad nausea (I think it’s the progesterone) whenever my stomach gets empty.  I have a hideous amount of bloat and a deeply disgruntled digestive system, but that would be the met.formin/progesterone dynamite duo. Nothing else is conclusive.

I was all set to write a post with advice to myself on pio shots because, frankly, Q. and I have been absolutely rocking at them, and then last night something went horribly wrong. I have no idea what we did differently- it was the usual area, I warmed up the oil in the syringe for a good length of time (this is KEY for anyone who might have to suffer through them in the future- it makes it much easier to press the plunger, and much less painful/icky for you), Q. was his usual stellar self (Also KEY- jab with confidence and purpose, and don’t take your time pulling the needle out). But for some reason, it really really hurt. And that got me freaking out about what if I am pregnant, and I have another eight weeks of this. Gah.

The Frag.min injections are ok- they sting at the injection site, so I have to jab myself before I think too much about it as I was starting to develop a complex last week. I don’t like the individual loaded syringes- I prefer the pen system- you can get a much better grip. 

Once again, my new normal astounds me. Ah well.

Hope you’re all hanging in there with me. These two weeks have been crawling by.



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2 responses to “When PIO shots become a real PITA

  1. Sorry you are having a rough time with the injections, and hopefully you can switch to suppositories for the 8 weeks after you find out you’re pregnant :).

    I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow, on Beta day. Good luck!

  2. Mel

    I’ll tell you. I gave myself my own injections for over a year, and there were days when I didn’t even feel it and other days that I hit some kind of nerve or vessel or something and it hurt like hell. I don’t know why or how it happened, but it did. So many times.
    And I know you’ll love me for saying this, but I hope you have weeks of more shots in the ass to come. 🙂

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