I really wish my body would stop coming up with something different to keep me guessing. Every.single.cycle, it seems something has to change. This time? It’s cramping. It started yesterday morning before I got out of bed. It was really noticeable in the afternoon after I’d spent the morning pottering around in the veggie patch with Q. (note: NOT exerting myself- I raked some loose soil and pulled some weeds. Q., on the other hand, climbed our tree to saw off a branch that was blocking the patch from getting good mid-morning sun, and can barely move this morning as a result.) So then I freaked out, and after we’d walked home from the grocery store I put myself on bed rest for the rest of the day. The cramping just continued, unabated, and I had to keep reminding myself that since it had started BEFORE my little excursion to the garden, I had NOT caused it.

This morning? Still crampy. It’s to the point that I keep running off to the loo because I’m convinced that af must be on its way.

But that’s ridiculous, right? If this were an IUI cycle, I wouldn’t even be stopping the progesterone until tomorrow (after the inevitable bfn). And af arrives several days after I stop the progesterone. And I NEVER have cramps until the day it arrives.

And since I’m on double the dose of progesterone, I can’t possibly see how af can be starting.

Ugh. I don’t get it, and it’s driving me crazy. That and the sore bbs (which is not exciting as they are usually still sore at 12dpo).

The good news is at least my bloat is under control. I’ve had to admit that G.atorade really does work. On days when I drink loads of it, I feel better and I’m less bloated the next day. On the days when I don’t…the next day I’m back to feeling tight and bloaty. So I keep sucking it back, although I’m diluting it now to cut down on how much sugar I’m getting.

I think I may seriously explode from the agony of unknowing before Saturday.



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10 responses to “9dp3dt

  1. RM

    I don’t know anything about IVF cycles personally, but I had loads of cramping early in each of my pregnancies. Sore bbs too? Sounds pretty good to me. Knocking on wood though as I type… 🙂

  2. Fingers crossed. You’re almost there… just keep taking it a day at a time.


  3. Mel

    The waiting stinks, don’t I know it.
    For what it’s worth, cramping was MAJOR with me in my pregnancy. I dealt with it most of the first trimester.

  4. Ashley

    I had cramping, and nausea yesterday but today I had some spotting!! I’m sooo worried right now! I’m hoping and praying that you get a BFP. When is your beta?

  5. Cramping is a good sign! I feel so good about this for you. Hang in there until Saturday — stay as busy as possible!

  6. Ashley

    I’m praying for you!! I can’t wait to hear the news on Saturday!!!!

  7. MARY

    I had “cramping” as well, turn out it was stretching pains as the baby grew.

  8. Springroll

    T –
    I’m dying to know…please your result when you can!

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