I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out what’s been going on with me.

The problem is that I’ve been noticeably short of breath. Not all the time- but if I’m walking for more than a few minutes, or climbing even one flight of stairs, I catch myself puffing way more than is usual.

And breathlessness was one of the OHSS symptoms that my nurse was most concerned about.

But, I haven’t been gaining much weight. Certainly not enough to suggest that I’m in the throes of severe OHSS, which is when the whole breathlessness thing starts to come into play. And yes, I’m bloated, and I feel like I’m huge, but I’m not. I still fit into my pants- I’ve just got a bit of a tummy.

So I couldn’t figure out where the breathlessness came from. And then last night, when I was reading a pregnancy book (which I only allow myself to read in twws, in the hope that this will somehow inspire my body to gestate), I came across a discussion of the symptoms that are caused by high levels of progesterone. And wouldn’t you know, smack in between gassiness (check), bloating (check) and digestive woes (check) was breathlessness.

It makes sense- my progesterone dose is twice as high as it has been any other cycle, and my breathlessness gets progressively worse throughout the day. The longest stretch of time between progesterone is overnight. My bloating and other discomforts get progressively worse during the day too.

So while I continue to keep an eye on the situation (and drink Gatorade), I feel like I’ve got a better sense of what’s going on.

The gassiness is really starting to get to me as well (sorry if tmi). While the high fibre foods that Q. is continually placing on the dinner table are keeping the system moving, I’m getting awful gas pains at night. It’s like the gas has nowhere to go, so it just gets progressively more trapped and angry. I think it’s moderately better than it was just after the retrieval, but it’s still not great. I’ve got no idea what’s metformin related, what’s progesterone related, what’s transfer related. All I know is I am one cranky customer.

I just hope it’s not all for naught. And that the three or four extra pounds kicking around every time I get on the scale are bloat related and not my new starting weight for pregnancy.

Embryos, are you listening? I hope you’re having a good time in there!

And THANK YOU for all of your encouraging comments. The excitement you brought to my last post was clearly infectious. When I’m having a cranky moment, I go back and read them all again.



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6 responses to “4dp3dt

  1. barrenness

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that those embies are settling in for a long stay. I hope the gas and bloating get better for you soon. I’ve about decided that bloating is a guarantee with stim cycles. Hoping and praying you get your bfp!

  2. Mel

    Yep, it’s definitely the progesterone. My RE was UBER sensitive to my paying attention to my body when I was taking the stuff. HE always warned me not to take too hot of showers, stand up slowly and to drink TONS of gatorade. I probably kept gatorade in business when I was going through my fertility treatments. Take it easy!! The gas is MISERABLE, I hate having bad gas. Maybe stay away from the high fiber stuff for now?

  3. Nity

    Gas sucks! I am always more bloated going to bed than in the am. It’s the weirdest thing.

    Gatorade is good…

    Hoping for you. Crossing fingers.


  4. lots o gatorade and lots o salty stuff…i had mild ohss in sept/oct….it was heck!

  5. Ashley

    I’m so glad you wrote this post because I have been short of breath, my heart beats fast, and bloated and was wondering if I should call my RE. It makes sense that it is progesterone related because I feel better when I wake up before I take more progesterone!! I’m praying that our embryos are making a nice little home and that we get good news soon. I”m SOOO NERVOUS. It doesn’t seem like it could really happen since we’ve been disappointed so many times. My beta is May 20th…when is yours?? (((HUGS))


  6. Ugh — I hear you. My stomach is hugely bloated and I’ve been having the breathless thing too. This wait cannot go fast enough…I just hope all this discomfort is worth it for both of us!

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