The dreaded fertilization report…

It isn’t dire news. But it’s not great, either (at least, I don’t think it’s great- maybe I was hoping for too much).

Of our 14 eggs, we set 7 aside for ICSI, in case it turned out we also had an unexpected fertilization problem. Turns out Dr. L. is pretty on the ball with his suspicions.

Of those seven, six were mature. And of those six, five fertilized.

Of the other seven (who went the normal IVF route), ONE fertilized. Apparently there is one other one that is still making up its mind.

Now, I have absolutely no knowledge about any of this. But this strikes me as pretty shitty fertilization rates. It suggests that Q. and I could have kept doing IUIs until the cows came home…and never seen a result. It suggests that yes, we do in fact have another problem (unless it is one of my other factors that is causing said problem, like PCOS=bad eggs or something). And it suggests that our chances of ever conceiving naturally really are zero.

That was a bit of a downer. But on the positive side, we have six embryos. Now we just have to hope they’re all good quality, and that they all keep growing happily in their dishes.

We’ll get a call tomorrow to tell us what time to come in for the transfer. I’m not sure now how many we should put back…I’m hoping we don’t have to make that decision until we know how many are going to make it to freeze.

Enough about my eggs. As for the rest of me, I am extremely uncomfortable (sorry, this will be a total whinge session). I have gained five pounds since before the procedure. I have an incredibly blocked up digestive system. And I literally don’t have any caloric room for what I normally eat after I finish slogging through all the protein, salt and Gatorade I’m supposed to be eating.

Seriously- Q. and I normally eat really well. We eat nothing processed. We cook almost everything from scratch, and we never add salt. We don’t drink anything other than water, milk, tea/coffee or wine. We are vegetarians 95% of the time- we have chicken maybe once a fortnight.

My usual meal regime looks like this:

Breakfast: oatmeal made with milk, with raisins and ground flax seeds.

Lunch: big salad (including cheese, nuts and dried fruit), or bagel sandwich with raw veggies. Fruit.

Snacks: Fruit. Sometimes cheese and crackers in the afternoon. Occasionally a cookie.

Dinner: Something that always involves loads of veggies, and usually pulses of some sort. We try to eat brown rice (or quinoa) rather than white.

That’s why I can take my metformin without too much trouble.

My current regime looks like this:

Breakfast: Ensure protein supplement. One egg. High fibre toast (one slice).

Lunch: Extremely salty noodle soup. Protein bar.

Snacks: Pretzels, and 500 ml of Gatorade twice a day

Dinner: Something vaguely resembling real food, but it must include chicken.

And I’ll keep doing it, because I feel wretched at the moment, and I don’t want to take ANY chances that this could get worse. But I can’t help but think that most of my digestive problems are probably being caused by my new diet. I think my body is in shock.

So I’m really really hoping that all these embryos keep growing. The prospect of possibly having to do this again is terrifying.



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9 responses to “The dreaded fertilization report…

  1. Anonymous

    I feel the same way as you do!! It’s OBVIOUS that IUI’s wouldn’t have worked. Out of the 8 eggs we had 6 were mature and after ICSI 4 are embryos. Scary numbers!! It really makes me sad. I hope those 4 make it!! I’m hoping your 6 hang on too:) Good luck!!! WHen is your transfer going to be?

  2. Nity

    Oh T! I’m glad you did half ICSI and half other. That’s so good. We didn’t do that, so we don’t know about ours… they do everything ICSI if there are not enough eggs that they feel are mature enough to divide in half.

    I’m hoping good things (i.e. babies) come out of those 6 fert embryos! Grow little embies, grow!

    Sorry about your backed up system. I’ve been having the same problem, although I didn’t eat as healthy as you to begin with… I’ve given in to metamucil pills, but those don’t seem to be doing the same trick they did when I first started using them. Grr. Hopefully your diet can improve and there is NO OHSS.

    Still crossing fingers for you.


    Oh – and to answer your question. Hubby likes the new largeness, but he also like the old ones too. Both he likes because they’re mine. But good question. I had to ask him about that one. ;o)

  3. Mel

    All it takes is one… 😉
    You’re on my heart.

  4. I’m hoping for good news tomorrow!!!!

  5. RM

    I cannot wait to hear your news tomorrow. I hope all of your embryos are just taking off.

    Unrelated, your diet is amazing. I wish I had the restraint to eat like you! No wonder your body is freaking out with the addition of all of the salt and junk…


  6. Oh, T — I know what it’s like to hear less than the news you thought you’d hear. But your doctor was incredibly perceptive to set aside those ICSI eggs, and as a result you have six growing embryos. Think about it this way — you are doing the work of six months (probably more, because it would take longer to get to the good, fertilizable eggs) in one cycle. I am truly hoping your baby is in one (or more!) of those embryos. Keep the faith — looking forward to hearing more when you have your transfer!

    As for the backed up system, I can relate, my friend. My guess is that it’s actually from the procedure — I had the same problem last cycle and again this time. Have you been shown the wonders of Colace yet? It’s perfectly safe for pregnancy and does get things going. Progesterone can also cause “backing up,” so you may want to think about the Colace.

  7. T –
    This is wonderful news – six embies!! I am so happy for you and I will say a little prayer for you all tonight. I am looking forward to hearing about your transfer…
    Stay strong, my friend –
    xoxo SR

  8. Here from Ashley’s blog. I’m so sorry you didn’t get a good fertilization report. I had 9 mature and only 4 fertilized but they never went on to divide, so I do understand a little, although I’m not in your shoes.

    Good luck sweetie! I’ll be thinking of you.

  9. I’m glad you did ICSI too. By the way, 5 embryos from 6 eggs with ICSI? Is a FANTASTIC fertilization rate. We ICSI’d everything and only got 50-60% rates. So good on ya.

    The diet thing? Total assvice here, but I’ll tell you. I had moderate OHSS with IVF #1, complete with a burst follicle, and I NEVER focused on eating salty foods or drinking that much Gatorade. Seriously, go back to your usual diet, and I am willing to bet you’ll feel SO MUCH BETTER quicker than you do now.

    Personally I never GOT why you need to have that much salt to ward away OHSS. If you’re going to get it, you’re going to get it.

    Just my two cents. Hope you feel better soon.


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