IVF Cycle #1, Day 14, and ironically enough…

We got 14 eggs. Appropriate, I think, given the cycle day. And strangely enough this morning while Q. was eating breakfast I asked him how many eggs he thought we would get. He said 14. That’s the number I had been hoping for, too. Here’s hoping that’s all a good sign.

The whole procedure was ridiculously easy. We left for the clinic at 11, and I was back home by 2.30. We didn’t have to spend much time waiting once we got there, either. Once I got changed they hooked up the IV, and then it wasn’t much longer before we were called in. I was surprisingly lucid for the whole procedure, but not in any pain until Dr. L. was tidying up right at the end. Then it was pretty uncomfortable (like a really bad pap). But while he was extracting the eggs I was having a great time watching the u/s monitor, and the big tv that was hooked up to the lab so we could see each vial of fluid.

I feel sore, but in pretty good shape all things considered. It was so much easier than the lap- I feel silly in retrospect spending all that time worrying about it. So I’m at home now, eating protein bars and pretzels. Q. has a shopping list filled with Gatorade and protein to pick up on the way home tonight.

Now we just wait for the call to see how many eggs decided they liked the swimmers enough to take them home!



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6 responses to “IVF Cycle #1, Day 14, and ironically enough…

  1. Mel

    Wonderful news!!! I am glad it all went so smoothly and 14 sounds like a pretty fantastic number to me, too. Cannot wait to hear how fertilization goes. I have my fingers crossed!

  2. C G

    Gr8 news. I am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope for all 14 to fertilize beautifully.

  3. Excellent news. Your ovaries really did respond to the stims, huh? That’s great.

    Fingers crossed for a good fertilization report!


  4. Anonymous

    YAY!! That’s wonderful!!! That’s so neat that you got to watch the whole thing!! I was OUT. It’s so amazing how different doctor’s do things! I’m sending good thoughts your way. I hope we both get good results tomorrow;)

  5. Wow that’s great. It made my ovaries hurt a little to read 14 eggs but that’s exciting! I can’t wait to hear how it goes. good luck!

  6. This is so great! Am so happy to hear it was so easy for you. Fingers crossed for an excellent fert report tomorrow!

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