IVF Cycle #1, Day 10- It’s official

Q. and I signed up for IVF today. We’re still waiting for my TSH results to come back (I’ll know them tomorrow), but we had to make the decision to cancel or keep going this morning.

I felt surprisingly calm at the clinic. Not so much now- I alternate between worrying about retrieval, worrying about how Q. is going to manage to give me the trigger shot, worrying about what happens if my eggs turn out to be bad, or worrying about how much money we’re about to spend.

I’m really glad this has been forced on us, as I’ve only got a couple of days to get through. We’re looking at a Wednesday retrieval, and a Saturday (Day 3) transfer. We should get confirmation of that timeline tomorrow morning.

I try not to use my computer on the weekend, so I’ll keep this short. But I wanted to update you all, and to say THANK YOU so much for all the words of support. I really really appreciate it.

In some ways, it’s a relief. We won’t be able to afford to do another cycle this year – we could probably manage one or two FETs, but that would be it. So one way or another, I am pretty much done with the clinic once this cycle is over. Either we’ll get our lives back, or we’ll finally be able to start moving on to the next stage.



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7 responses to “IVF Cycle #1, Day 10- It’s official

  1. That’s great you are doing a IVF, I hope it brings you a BFP! Don’t worry too much about the trigger, I give them to myself and it’s really easy! Maybe i’m just weird 🙂 Good luck with your cycle!

  2. Good. I’m glad you decided to convert; I know it was a rough decision when you aren’t really mentally prepared for it. But I stand by what I said before – I think you have a REALLY good shot. Fingers crossed.


  3. Springroll

    Yippeee! I am so glad that you made this decision – and whatever the outcome (BFP! BFP! BFP!), I know that you won’t regret taking this chance! Just a tip – you might be more comfortable giving yourself the trigger – if you’re a control freak like I am, it’ll alleviate the stress of doing it. I will be wishing and praying for you, m’dear. All the best – let us know how it goes…

  4. I knew you would make a decision that was right for you. Good luck and baby dust.

  5. Woohoo — I think this is fabulous news! I understand your being nervous (you know I was a wreck throughout my first IVF cycle) but I feel so good about this for you. IVF is just a totally different ballpark — not only will you have much better odds for success, but you’ll learn so much through the process about how your eggs look, what kind of embryos you make, etc. I’m so excited to be your cycle buddy (I am just one day ahead of you — ER is Tuesday), and I hope we are pregnancy buddies too!

  6. Ashley

    YAY!!! That’s AWESOME!! We are cycle buddies now..my ER is Wednesday too:) I’m hoping for a day 5 transfer though which would be Monday!! Good luck.. you are in my prayers. I will be thinking of you as I go through my ER

  7. We literally just did the trigger…interestingly, it was more difficult for us mentally this time at 9 p.m. than it was when we got up at 2:15 a.m. to do it last time (I guess our semi-conscious state last time helped take the edge off somehow). But here’s my advice. For you: Don’t look at the size of the needle. It looks worse than it feels. Brace yourself against something (I leaned over our kitchen island with my legs sort of spread out for stability, with my arms out in front of me holding onto the island, and I put a pillow in front of me to put my face into). Honestly it hurts but not as much as you’d think, and it’s quick. For him: Do it quickly. Don’t talk about it, think about it, or dillydally — or you’ll lose nerve. He should follow what they say and use a “dart-like” motion (really) — you definitely don’t want it going in slowly. Also, one of my nurses marked the spot where it should go (sort of your upper butt/lower back, where the waistband of your pants falls) on me today, which really helped. Last time we weren’t 100% sure exactly where and kind of obsessed about it (but we obviously did it right). So if you can have someone do this for you tomorrow, it helps. Let me know if you have any other questions (about this or the retrieval), and good luck! I am so excited for us. I really hope this is it.

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